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Your New Favorite Darkling Brand, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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The Zodiac may be thousands of years old, and may be the subject of a long lifetime of study by many people, but it’s also a lot of fun! Studying your birth chart can teach you a lot about yourself, from how you relate to other people to understanding your personality. We couldn’t resist having a little fun and getting in on the horoscope trend, so if your bank account is looking a little too full lately, scroll down to see what brand you should check out, based on your astrological sun sign. Don’t worry, you can check for your moon and rising sign too.


Aries are often categorized as being angry, but we know that you just have strong opinions, Aries, and there is nothing wrong with that! For making a statement that people are sure to hear, check out the patches from Retirement Fund. Don’t worry, sewing them on is a fast enough task, not even an Aries will get bored halfway through.


No one knows how to self-care like a Taurus. Ruled by Venus, the planet of wealth, luxury, and love, we can’t think of a single Taurus who wouldn’t be delighted by Witch Baby Soap‘s bath bombs, soaps, and lotions.


Geminis don’t like to sit still for too long, and they are too creative to just do one thing all day! To keep a darkling Gemini entertained, we recommend the diverse selection offered by Poison Apple Printshop. Not only are their prints to die for, their patches are sure to fulfill crafty Geminis and their Herbal Grimoire is a must for any green witch.


For someone with a tough shell and sharp claws, Cancer the crab is the sign of home and comfort. We can think of no better way to create a sanctuary for our spooky, sensitive Crab friends out there, than with the bedding and home decor from Sin in Linen.


Oh Leo, you already know you are the ruler of the zodiac, but sometimes other people need to be reminded of that! Show everyone what a true monarch of the heavens looks like with one of Elemental Child’s exquisite crystal crowns.


Virgos catch some flack for being the perfectionists of the Zodiac, but what’s so wrong with wanting to be perfect? Evil Supply Co. has everything you need to plan for tea parties, nefarious deeds, and world domination.


Libra, perhaps more than any other sign, has the ability to occupy two worlds at once. Libras know how to make everyone happy, or at least want to, and are experts at working in a normie world, while still living in a darkling one. For the Libra who wants to strike a death/life balance, look to Goldengrove Jewelry‘s simple, creepy offerings.


Not only are Scorpios the sexiest sign in the Zodiac, they are also the most secretive. They know how to keep their stinger (or riding crop) hidden until the right moment. Like a good Scorpio, Deandri‘s pleated skirts and high-collared dresses might seem prim and proper, but they hide a kinky, sexy side we can’t resist.


Sag, like Gemini, has two sides. One is the world traveler, someone who wants to learn through experiencing new things. The other is the scholar, who finds peace and wisdom through books and study. We can think of no better way to combine these two sides than with a book from McCall Co. Handcrafted Goods. Write of your travels and dreams, or take notes on your surely extensive library.



Fe Pendant//$152

Capricorn is the most earthy and practical sign in the zodiac. Always grounding themselves in what’s “real”, Capricorn reminds us most of Thrjar Jewelry. Combining runes with real cast twigs, Thrjar’s simple, yet spiritual Nordic sensibilities are sure to be a match for any Capricorn.



The Tarot//$135

Aquarius may be the water bearer, but this air sign has their head in the clouds! Aquarians are always looking to leave the old and follow the new. What better marriage of the two than with the psychedelic imagery of Oliver Hibert? We especially like their tarot deck, which blends classic Rider-Waite-Smith imagery with bizarre, acid-trip inspired art.




Pisces is the last sign in the Zodiac wheel, the sign that leads us out of winter, and closer to spring. Those under the sign of the fish are spiritual, sensitive, and often helpful to everyone. The ethereal jewelry from Salt Circle Metals reminds us of Pisces spiritual side, while the poetry each item comes with evokes the fish’s sensitive, artistic soul.

Featured image source: Pinterest

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