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Folklore and Nature: the Artwork of Lvcernarivm

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Based in Warsaw, Poland, Lvcernarivm offers prints and accessories featuring the bewitching work of artist Martyna Damięcka. Heavily influenced by elements of folklore and the natural world, Damięcka’s monochromatic pieces are both eerie and full of symbolism.

Images via lvcernarivm

Goats and rams are staple features of a darkling menagerie; Damięcka’s illustrations of these horned creatures in remote wildernesses and dense forests evoke a sense of the occult and a connection to a rustic past. Shooting stars and auroras light the sky, whilst eyes glint, their owners hidden beneath towering trees. Lone Ram Island Print//£10.20; Creatures Lurking in the Meadow Print//£12.98

Images via lvcernarivm

Lvcernarivm’s coffee mug is decorated with a detailed lace motif, with dangling crescent moons and tiny stars adorning your brew. T-shirts are also available, featuring sleek prints – we love this tribute to the quintessential witch’s familiar. T-shirts are available in a size M, but other sizes can be requested as a custom order. Coffee Mug//£17.61; Black Cat T-Shirt//£23.17

Images via lvcernarivm

Tote bags are ideal for carrying books, crafting supplies and tarot decks, and Lvcernarivm has a gorgeous selection. Prints of runes, plants, crying eyes and hands of glory ensure your goods are transported in true darkling style. Twigs Tote Bag//£16.68; Wanderings Tote Bag//£16.68

Images via lvcernarivm

Damięcka’s black and white illustrations are ideal for any dark art collection or gallery wall – printed to order on matte paper, each piece is signed by the artist and ready for a decadent frame. Moon Nest Print//£14.83; What November Brings Print//£10.20

Images via lvcernarivm

As well as pen illustrations, Damięcka creates hand-embroidered notebooks, ideal for journalling, scrapbooking or as a book of shadows. Each one is handmade to order, delicately sewn with images of flowers, moons, constellations, and stars. Embroidered Crescent Moon and Stars Notebook//£23.17; Embroidered Flower Notebook//£27.81; Embroidered Tree Notebook//£20.39; Embroidered Crescent Moon and Stars II Notebook//£23.17

Images via lvcernarivm

Ominous landscapes and wild creatures are not the only subjects of Damięcka’s work. Haunting figures, absorbed in melancholy, stare from windows and clutch their eyes, in need of sleep. These characters come straight from the pages of sinister fairy tales and dark folk stories, and make for utterly captivating artwork. Sleep Print//£8.34; Winter Sadness Print//£10.20

Damięcka’s work can also be found at Petricore Arts.

Featured images via lvcernarivm

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