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Gorimbaud Designs Make True Crafts For Witches

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The creators of Gorimbaud Designs, Emilia Hedwig Vesterinen and Vilma Lappalainen, are works of art in their own right. Emilia reminds me of a 1920s film star, like Mary Nolan, with romantic features, a turban, and fur. Vilma, on the other hand, reminds me of Nick Cave, were he a beautiful and waify woman. Together, they are witches, lovers, business partners, and breathtaking artisans.

From left: Vilma Lappalainen and Emilia Hedvig Vesterinen Photo credit (c) Emilia Hedvig Vesterinen

From left: Vilma Lappalainen and Emilia Hedvig Vesterinen. Photo credit (c) Emilia Hedvig Vesterinen.

Stepping into the Gorimbaud Designs studio, I am transported to another time. The air is still and calm, as specks of dust and cigarette smoke float delicately through the golden rays of light, emitted through the window blinds. On a wooden dining table, a pot of indian ink, a delicate paintbrush by its side; some tarot cards strewn about. On the shelves, Victorian treasures and oddities, bones, and of course: Gorimbaud Designs’ own beautiful, artistic creations.

Mini Altar Kit (c) Gorimbaud Designs & Emilia Hevig Vesterinen

Mini Altar Kit (c) Gorimbaud Designs & Emilia Hevig Vesterinen

“What’s this?” I poke at a peculiar box of treasures I find on the shelf. Emilia explains it is an altar kit; within it are vintage pieces, treasures that can of course be used for rituals and altars. “Is it magic?” I ask. To this, she smiles, “Magic is up to intuition.”

Tarot Card Pouch and Wyrd Rune Bag (c) Gorimbaud Design & Emilia Hedvig Vesterinen

Tarot Card Pouch and Wyrd Rune Bag (c) Gorimbaud Design & Emilia Hedvig Vesterinen

There is most certainly a magic in Gorimbaud Design’s work, and with that are magic accessories. Here, a breathtaking collection of handmade tarot card pouches and rune bags. These are made using upcycled vintage leather, the environmentally friendly choice, with due reverence to nature. I take a particular shine to the Wyrd rune burnt into the clasp of the bag. The Wyrd rune, also known as the blank rune, is a reminder of the endless possibilities that can be cast before you.


Norn Pentacle Necklace and Spithre Crystal Hoop Earrings (c) Gorimbaud Designs and Emilia Vesterinen

Emilia and Vilma immediately catch on to my enthusiasm for symbolism, and we most certainly cannot go without a pentagram. Here, adorned with a beautiful labradorite bead, a hammered copper pentagram. Coupled with the crescent moon-charm hoop earrings I immediately feel elegant, powerful, and of the night.


Caged Raw Amethyst Necklace and Amethyst Crystal Hair Stick (c) Gorimbaud Design and Emilia Hedvig Vesterinen

Gorimbaud Designs true power shines through in their ability to combine raw material into delicate, elegant custom accessories. I picked these raw amethyst pieces as my personal choices. In the psychic and spiritual realm of crystals, raw amethyst is a calming all-purpose stone,especially useful in times of trouble. The combination of bronze and the soft violet of the raw amethyst evokes a beautiful mysticism, a real magic.

Labradorite Necklaces Sibyl, Pythia and Vesta (c) Gorimbaud Designs & Emilia Hedvig Vesterinen

Labradorite Necklaces Sibyl, Pithia and Vesta (c) Gorimbaud Designs & Emilia Hedvig Vesterinen

If it’s true power you’re after, then special attention must be given to labradorite. A mineral known for its evocative powers, it is known for awakening one’s innate sense of magic. Gorimbaud Designs’ use of labradorite is paired with an aquatic, sea witch style, as though the pieces could control the tides themselves. Clutching one of these pendants, I feel a sense of power and energy already. A great piece to wear to an audition or job interview.

Mystic, framed original art illustration (c) Gorimbaud Design & Emilia Hedvig Vesterinen

Mystic, framed original art illustration (c) Gorimbaud Design & Emilia Hedvig Vesterinen

The magic and power of witchcraft lies in a believer’s faith and sense of intuition. Regardless of that, one cannot deny the beauty and power of art, and in this respect Gorimbaud Designs breaks the mould. Their work transports, creating stories and thus evoking the spirits of imagination. In a world where accessories are too often factory produced and sold en masse in chain stores, it is refreshing that true artisanal crafts and subculture remain. I can only see real magic in that.


Gorimbaud Designs’ work sells fast! Not to worry, you can still see what is up for sale at their etsy store here. Note, though custom orders possible on a case-to-case basis, each piece is one of a kind and built with Gorimbaud Designs’ own vision.


Sad (c) Vilma Lappalainen at mothcoffee

Also, do make sure to check Vilma’s own sketches at mothcoffee. You won’t regret it.
Finally, Gorimbaud Design kindly asks all to check out etsycult, a covent of many witchy designers on etsy. Support artisanal works by independent artists!

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