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Hail, Santa! A Gift Guide for Beloved Blasphemers

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The winter holidays are upon us, and the yuletide cheer extends to sinners as well as saints. Because sometimes “naughty” can be subjective, the staff of Dear Darkling have rounded up a gift guide for the blasphemers on your holiday list:

Baphomet Glass Tree Topper

Image via Middle of Beyond

From upon his pine-scented throne, and well out of reach of the cats, he watches. Middle of Beyond//$19.99

Abomination Enamel Pin

Image via Pretty Bad Co.

Wear your heart on your sleeve by wearing your blasphemy on your lapel. Pretty Bad Co.//$6.30

Lucifer is Fine as Hell Racerback Tank

Image via LookHuman

Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven? No, but seriously, did it? LookHuman//$17.99+

Baphomet Plush

Image via Mr. Nounou

Who’s the cutest little occult deity? This little poppet is just perfect for the young blasphemer in your life, but we’re sure the older set would fall in love with this fuzzy horned fellow too! Mr. Nounou//$35

Burning Church Linocut

Image via Haereticum

This spot-on nod to old German woodcut prints would make a great gift for the medieval art fan-slash-heretic in your life. Haereticum//$11.75

Beelzebork Women’s Short Sleeve Tee

Image via Jakovdaily

Do everyone a heckin’ frighten with this devilish shirt. Tote bags are also available. Jakovdaily//$21.50

Hashtag YOLT Cross Stitch Pattern

Image via Stitch Bucket

If you have a crafty devil in your life, turn them the way of the cross stitch with this cheeky pattern. Stitch Bucket//$0.99

Against All Gods – Hooded Pullover Sweater

Image via Blackcraft

Proclaim your allegiance, or lack thereof, with this cozy hoodie from Blackcraft. Blackcraft//$50

Baphomet Soy Candle

Image via Bizarro Au Go-Go

Let the dark one light the way. This candle will fill your cohort’s lair with the spicy scent of the underworld. Bizarro Au Go-Go//$19.12+

Devil Head Pin

This unique vintage treasure is perfect for that special devil in your life. Its ruby red eyes stare straight into the soul. Pond Mills Watch Co.//$315

Chaplet Rosary Beads

Image via WonderlandMC

Still wondering what to get your favorite devotee of Baphomet? This dark rosary may be the answer to your prayers. WonderlandMC//$47

Pentagram Bikini

Some of Satan’s minions like it hot. This bikini is the perfect gift for the dark entity who can’t wait for beach weather to come back. Diktator Fashion Lab//$152.76

Golden Rosary Buttplug

Dear Darkling After Dark presents: the perfect gift for Grandma. Glow F*ck Yourself//$45

Baphomet Goat Head

Image via Eneka Creations

Go full delicious. Become the goat. Eneka Creations//$600

Featured images via HaereticumEneka Creations, and WonderlandMC.

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