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Haunt Your Own House With Killin’ Me Softly

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If you’re in the market for more cute and spooky things for your household (and your body), then you will fall in love with all the amazing things at Killin’ Me Softly. This Etsy shop, run by Andrea Gilletti, is full of handmade, original designs and decor that would make even the blackest heart skip a beat. There’s pillows, buttons, shirts, patches, keychains…shall we go on? No need; we’ll just show you.

Killin' Me Softly pin set

Make every day October 3rd. Mean Ghouls buttons//$5.50 for all three.


Killin' Me Softly knife pillow

For all those times when you’re angry enough to stab Caesar (or your roommate, or your roommate’s boyfriend, or cat callers, etc.) grab this pillow and stab away, safely. It’s cheaper than therapy. Plush Knife pillow//$15.00


Killin' Me Softly motel keychain

Pretend you’re checking into your favorite haunted hotel every day with this keychain. Orange Motel Key Tag//$5.00


Killin' Me Softly Good Mourning pillow

Because mornings are, in fact, THE WORST. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Darkness forever. Good Mourning Throw Pillow//$40.00


Killin' Me Softly tote bag

This is self-explanatory. Plus, if you ever wanna be in an Adam Scott-devoted cult, you need as much Parks and Rec-themed gear as possible. (Trust me.) Trick or Treat Yo’self Tote Bag//$18.00

Killin' Me Softly Victorian print scarf

A sheer black and white scarf covered in Victorian mourning symbols?! Shut up and take my money. Victorian Mourning Print Scarf//$40.00


Killin' Me Softly glampire mirror

You’re not a regular vampire, you’re a cool glampire, so you do have a reflection. Naturally, you need to make sure you look fierce at all times and thus need a mini mirror to check yourself out whenever you damn well please. Because you’re gorgeous. Glampire Mini Mirror//$8.00


Killin' Me Softly Rocky Horror Picture Show shirt

Words cannot express how much I personally need this shirt. I’m shivering with antici…. Rocky Horror Picture Show Shirt//$25.00

Keep up with the amazingness that is Killin’ Me Softly on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Featured image by Killin’ Me Softly.

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