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The Hedgewitch and Her Herbs: Botanical Reverence and Cattail Apothecary

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From the first glance at the thoughtfully curated products offered by Cattail Apothecary, it’s easy to tell that this place is something special. Each offering is handmade in Bethany, Connecticut, by a person who truly believes in botanical magic and the power of the self. “While other children were playing house, I was playing Warden of the Woods and talking to the trees,” says Bex, resident hedgewitch and founder of Cattail Apothecary. The lifelong respect is apparent.

Her deeply rooted love of plants and the natural world comes through in the careful crafting of her elixirs and tonics, her teas, and her other herbal concoctions. Everything, down to the meticulous arrangement of plants and ritual items in their own product photos, shows a particular level of reverence and knowledge.

Cattail Apothecary offers a range of products in five predominant categories: Herbal First Aid, Tea Blends, Ritual Tools & Intention Oils, Skincare, and Potions & Elixirs. What’s important to note here is that this brand does not merely cater to those looking for natural aids for their physical symptoms, but also offers products like “An Unclouded Heart,” a tonic meant to bolster the heart in an additional emotional sense.

In the chill of winter, Cattail Apothecary’s “Winter Dream” bath potion sounds like a lovely seasonal soak, with ingredients like Epsom salt, clove, spruce, and lavender. Who wouldn’t want to dip into warm, forest-scented waters?

The ritual tools offered by Cattail Apothecary are also intriguing and user-friendly, especially in the Intention Setting Kit. The small package includes clearly-written instructions, bay leaves, feathers, a candle, an Amplifier oil, and Ritual Ink – the last being a “traditional blood substitute.” The “Visions of the Three-Eyed Raven” balm is also intended as a dream aid.

While Bex rightfully includes a disclaimer for her products and urges potential customers to check with their respective health professionals and perform allergy tests, her research into the materials she uses is fully on display. Each product listing includes an ingredients list, and a separate list detailing the benefits of various plants included in the mixture.

If you’re interested in browsing a beginner-friendly and informational shop, we would highly recommend Cattail Apothecary for your botanical needs. See more from them on their website, on Instagram @cattailapothecary, or here on Facebook.

Featured image by Cattail Apothecary.

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