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Home (Decor) Is Where The Anatomical Heart Is

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They say home is where the heart is. For Edgar Allan Poe, that meant finding the perfect spot under the floorboards in which to hide the bloody, severed limbs of a dismembered corpse. If you don’t happen to have the still-beating heart of any enemies to hand, we here at Dear Darkling have the perfect substitute that won’t leave you scrubbing your blood-stained carpets in vain.

Bone China Mug

Image via Charlotte Clark

Chances are, you’ve probably overslept after spending most of the night bleaching your sanguine-stained your carpets. (Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us.) So if you’re in need of a heavy dose of caffeine, we’ve got the perfect vessel from which to sip. These cardiac cameo cups from Charlotte Clark are the perfect addition to your morning coffee and contemplation, and serve as a bittersweet reminder that life is like a good brew; it’s all in how you make it. Charlotte Clark//£10.00

Specimen Coasters

Image via ThinkGeek

However, if you happen to make a bit of a mess every now and again, we’ve got you covered there too. Paper-thin slices of Gunter van Hagen’s finest human heart to adorn your coffee table? Don’t mind if we do.

Okay, so they’re not real flesh (sadly). But they’re pretty damn cool. ThinkGeek//$16.99

Eat Your Heart Out Dessert Plates

Image via FoldedPigs

Want something gorgeously graphic from which to enjoy your liver, fava beans, and Chianti? Voila et bone appetite; drop-dead gorgeous dinnerware that even Dr. Lecter himself would be proud of. As an aside, did you know that liver, fava beans, and red wine are precisely the tyramine-based foods those on last-line antidepressants are told to avoid? Why? Because they interact (with potentially fatal consequences). Bottom line: Dr. Lecter wasn’t taking his meds. FoldedPigs//£13.44

Illustrated Anatomical Trinket Boxes

Image via The Natural History Museum

Ideal for storing tea, sugar, or the blood of your enemies, these little jars make the perfect addition to any quirky kitchen. (They also match your new mugs and plates. Just saying.) More conventionally, you could also use them as jewellery boxes, medicine jars, or curio displays for your favourite anatomical oddities. The Natural History Museum//£12

Anatomical Heart Wall Clock

Image via SovArtGift

Nothing serves as a reminder of your own mortality quite like these anatomical clocks from SovArtGift. Beautifully intricate, these clocks are almost as good as the real thing! You wouldn’t function without one, so why should your home? SovArtGift//£25.96

Anatomical Engraving

Image courtesy of Engraver’s Dungeon

Adorn your walls with these devastatingly elegant engravings from Engraver’s Dungeon. Each piece is engraved by hand and intricately painted. Place on your mantlepiece or shrine for maximum effect. Engraver’s Dungeon//£66.46

Anatomical Heart Vase

Image courtesy of Dellamorte Co.

We’re just dying for this hand-sculpted Dellamorte Co. vase. Whilst it’s obviously perfect for holding the rotting corpses of wild plant-life, it’s a beautiful decorative statement piece all by itself. And to make things even better? It comes in black. Dellamorte Co.//$90

Anatomical Hardcover Journal

Image courtesy of Cognitive Surplus

Thoughts keeping you up at night? Need somewhere to pour your heart out? This journal from Cognitive Surplus serves as the prefect ghoulish grimoire for your darkest ruminations. Available in a variety of macabre designs, they’re also perfect as planners, scrapbooks or sketchbooks, or as journals for your favourite recipes and spells. Cognitive Surplus//£14.15

Curiosity Travel Candles

Image via Witch City Wicks.

No home would be complete without an array of exquisitely fragranced candles to soothe the mind and soul. Part of the curiosities collection, we think these handy 2 oz. travel candles from Witch City Wicks provide the quintessential ambiance for your demure boudoir. Witch City Wicks//$6.25

Featured image via The Natural History Museum.

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