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13 Jackets for Celebrating the Return of Leather Weather

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A wise person once said, “I thought my life would suddenly improve if I got a leather jacket, and I was literally 100% totally right.” Okay, it was a meme, but it still holds true. A leather jacket is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, the quintessential piece to add a bit of badassery and sophisticated cool to any look, whether you’re rocking lacy layers, flowy cloaks and silver jewels, or skinny jeans, flannels, and band tees. The heat of summer forced us to put away some favorite pieces in our wardrobe, but autumn is here, it’s getting cooler, and leather weather has returned. Why not celebrate with a brand new jacket?

Classic Moto Jacket


We’ll kick it off with a classic. This soft, but tough (like you) leather will easily become your everyday go-to. Mary Wyatt//$255

’90s Custom Moto


The only thing that makes a leather jacket more badass? Lots and lots of studs. Laer//$2200

Autumn Spirit Embroidered Overcoat


Soft leather, cozy shearling, tough studs, and witchy autumnal embroidery. What more could you want? Hurry, this beauty is one-of-a-kind. Toxic Vision//$895

Oversize Moto Vest


So this one’s technically a vest, but we think its perfect for adding a little touch of leather layered over a flowing cloak. Tripp NYC//$90

Walking Nightmare Painted Leather Jacket


Nothing steps up the perfect leather like a handpainted touch. Wear this one to keep cat-callers off your back, or to at least let people know what they’re dealing with. Laurie Lee//$802

Moto Jacket


Special attention was paid to the perfect fit of this classic moto; it’s snug without being tight and tapers to avoid boxiness. Born A Bad Seed//$200

Ruby Suede Jacket


We’ll make a rare exception to all black for a touch of beautiful oxblood suede. Blank NYC//$198

Stone Cold Fox Leather Jacket


No one compares to Backbite when it comes to sourcing vintage goods, especially leather jackets. This super soft piece features silver hardware, quilted black lining, a hidden inner pocket, and a removable vintage fur collar. Their one-of-a-kind pieces move fast, so if you miss this one, follow them on Instagram to keep up with new arrivals. Backbite//$285

Vincent Leather Jacket


Keep it classic with soft leather that breaks in and hugs your shape perfectly. Each jacket comes with an engraved metal church key hanging from the inside pocket, so you’ll be prepared at all your upcoming bonfires. Straight to Hell Apparel//$325

Oversized Hooded Leather Biker


Nothing says cozy fall comfort like layering a hoodie under your leather. Get the look without the bulk with the detachable hood on this soft, oversized jacket. ALLSAINTS//$820

Vinnie Jacket


For the conscious consumer, Deadwood jackets are crafted entirely from recycled leather. This gives them a unique look, as each patchworked piece may differ slightly. That doesn’t stop it from being absolutely beautiful. And we love the pop of rebel red on the inside lining. Deadwood//$373

Damned Jacket


Achieve your 90s sci-fi meets kink witch goals with this longline vegan leather vest. Honestly, we’d probably wear this one as a dress too. Disturbia//$48

Harley Sinn Fringe Biker Jacket


Nothing says kickass biker babe like fringe, studs, corset details, and plenty of silver hardware, perfect for riding off into the moonlight on the back of a black chopper with the cool autumn breeze in your hair. Killstar//$225

Featured image courtesy of Toxic Vision.

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