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Jewelry Boxes for Coffin Cuties and Beauty Bats

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Unless it’s a corpse, Schrödinger’s cat, or the sad remains of a leftover pizza, we here at Dear Darkling generally advise against putting things in boxes. We will, however, condone the use of these fabulous little trinket chests and jewelry boxes for all your spooky storage needs.

Skull Coffin Trinket Box



Unless there’s a tiny bird that you wish to bury (for which you may find other receptacles more tasteful), this little coffin is the perfect storage solution for your lipsticks and makeup brushes. Unless, of course, you want to leave the bird in it, on your dresser. We won’t judge. KRUELINTENTIONS//£14.00

Bat Skeleton Trinket Chest


Image via pzcreations22

For a more demure option, this bat skeleton trinket chest from pzcreations22 is the prefect size for bulky bracelets and chunky pendants. pzcreations22//£23.69

Casket Case Jewelry Box


Image via Killstar

Killstar keeps it simple with this clear-topped “casket case” coffin box. Perfect for both storing and displaying your most prized pieces, this vampiric vessel is a super sophisticated way of showcasing your silver and stakes. Killstar//£49.99

Memento Mori Pendant Holder


Image via Curiology

Curiology are well known for their beautifully designed jewelry boxes, as well as their accessories and wall art. As it stands their boxes are currently unavailable, but the beautifully understated Memento Mori pendant hanger is an exquisitely elegant alternative. The hanger also comes with display hooks, allowing you to attach this piece to your wall or the back of your bedroom door to add a modest touch of the macabre to your home. Curiology//£29.99

Ouija Jewelry Chest

Darkly decoupaged, these beautiful chests make the perfect addition to any spooky boudoir. Each chest is handmade and therefore one-of-a-kind. Great for storing planchettes, spirit trumpets, and unruly ghosts. SagittariusLostArt//£35.00

Alchemy Pyramidal Boxes

Image via xxPETRiCHORxx

“A fish for the water, a snake for the earth, the moon for the air and a burning hearth for the fire: Each of the four sides of this pyramidal box depicts one of the classical elements and their alchemical symbols. This box will make a great piece as a home decoration, as well as a nice container for your jewelries, herbs, cone incenses, or whatever you want!” xxPETRICHORxx//£10.94

Secretive Tomes

Face it, we all wanted one of those secret bookcases that led to an underground lair when we were little. If you can’t afford the design and planning that comes with making that childhood dream a reality, we have the next best thing! This set of three tomes sit elegantly together on any bookshelf, and are the perfect place for storing all your villainous plans. Or your spare chocolate. MarshbeckInteriors//£36.00

Literary Trinket Box


Image via GoliathGeek

If you need somewhere close-by to keep your bookmarks and reading lights, this little box is here to help. Each chest is one-of-a-kind and decoupaged by hand by GoliathGeek, and feature text from Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings, among other options. GoliathGeek//£9.00

Ouija Trinket Dish


Image via IHateDust

Unless you are desperately in need of late night conversation* we advise storing your planchette elsewhere. But if you don’t mind sharing your silver with the spirits, this unashamedly cute design from IHateDust is the perfect addition to any darkling dresser.

*May or may not come with free phantom. IHateDust//£20.00


Featured images (L-R) via xxPETRICHORxx, IHateDust, and Curiology

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