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Kind and Killer Looks with Lethal Cosmetics

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Lethal Cosmetics was born of a simple yet demanding premise: Cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics that would be nothing less than remarkable. Catering to “an alternative audience of ethical makeup-addicts,” the indie company from Berlin, Germany, has excited the alt crowd with its combination of vivid colors, unusual finishes, and strong ethics. In addition to being PETA-Certified CF and vegan, Lethal Cosmetics won PETA’s Progress Award 2017 in the category “Most Animal-Friendly New Cosmetic Brand.” All its products are also paraben-, gluten-, and talc-free. They use light, allergen-free fragrances only. They ship worldwide, so it’s easy to indulge in these guilt-free, luscious colors.

Images via (L to R): @vesselofblood (wearing CHIMERA™ Liquid Lipstick in Abyss), @reereephillips (wearing MAGNETIC™ Pressed Eyeshadow in Kindlewood and Fahrenheit), and @mimiakumette (wearing CHIMERA™ Liquid Lipstick in Pandemonium).

Images via @lethalcosmetics. MAGNETIC™ Pressed Eyeshadow in Rise from the Ashes//$6

Lethal Cosmetics aims high, as explained on their website: “We wanted to be empowering: a brand for those who defy labels, for those confident in their differentness or still in search of who they want to be. We wanted to fight indifference and all forms of cruelty, to be a voice of compassion for all living beings. If anything, we wanted to uncover the beauty of contrast – of color and darkness, of celebrating life and pondering mortality, of a kind heart and a fierce conviction.”

Images via @lethalcosmetics. L to R: Swatches of Transmutation, Spirit, and Unity MAGNETIC™ Pressed Eyeshadow//$6 each; Detail: MAGNETIC™ Pressed Eyeshadow in Spirit.

Image via @marrygaebler_. Marry is wearing MAGNETIC™ Pressed Eyeshadow in Serene and Spirit.

Defying the industry norm of patchy, problematic vegan formulations, their MAGNETIC™ Pressed Eyeshadows are richly pigmented and created for smooth application and to be crease- and fade-resistant. Choose from silky mattes, ultra-shiny metallics, and shimmers with beautifully colored reflects. They come in 24 different shades running the gamut from snowy white to velvety black, including bright blues, intense greens, and fiery reds. At only $6 U.S. each, they’re a steal.

Image via @maribluk featuring MAGNETIC™ Pressed Eyeshadow in Remedy and Relapse.

Images via @lethalcosmetics. L to R: MAGNETIC™ Pressed Eyeshadow in Unearthed, Aether, and Relapse//$6 each

Their signature product, CHIMERA™ Liquid Lipstick, comes in twelve deviant shades of mattes, metallics, and duochromes. Added bonus: All of the liquid lipsticks are eye-safe for added versatility. Fan favorites include Abyss (“pitch black with a velvet matte finish”), Whistle Blower (“metallic pool blue with green duochrome”), Pandemonium (“deep plum with a velvet matte finish”), Acid Haze (“metallic lavender with a hint of toxicity”), and One Eight Seven (“a murderous amalgamation of blood red and copper with a tantalizing metallic finish”).

Images via @lethalcosmetics. L to R: CHIMERA™ Liquid Lipstick in Rapture, Whistle Blower, and Rapid Decay//$16.50 each

Images via (L to R):  @bethxannx (wearing CHIMERA™ Liquid Lipstick in One Eight Seven as eyeliner), @coooopp (wearing CHIMERA™ Liquid Lipstick in Acid Haze and Trip to the Galaxy as eyeshadows), and @thesaraengel (wearing CHIMERA™ Liquid Lipstick in Abyss as eyeliner).

You can buy MAGNETIC™ Pressed Eyeshadow, CHIMERA™ Liquid Lipstick, and magnetic palettes from The U.S. gets free shipping on orders of $80 and more. You can follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

Images via (L) @wintervea (wearing MAGNETIC™ Pressed Eyeshadow in Fahrenheit) and (R) @lethalcosmetics featuring Alchemy + Hysteria Eyeshadow Collection with Synergy Magnetic Palette//$60

Images via (L) @maribluk (wearing an ombré lip featuring CHIMERA™ Liquid Lipstick in Whistle Blower) and (R) @lethalcosmetics

Images via @beatrizmarianophotograhy (center) wearing CHIMERA™ Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Rapture//$16.50, and @lethalcosmetics. Prices are shown in U.S. Dollars (excluding Value Added Tax).

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