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Leggings That Are Almost Better Than Being Naked

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Let’s get one thing straight: We don’t care about the “Are leggings pants?” debate. Leggings are a magical second skin. They’re perfect for layering under cute dresses in cold weather. They’re great when you’re working out at the gym or going out to the club. We don’t care how you wear ’em. We’re just here to show you the pretty pairs. And oh, sweet witches, are these ever¬†pretty.

Coffin and Bats Lexy Leggings

Image via Too Fast.

How do you roll into work on a shitty Monday morning? With your ass covered in coffins, that’s how. Too Fast//$39.99

ZEON Leggings

Image via Siskatank.

These comfy AF leggings look like denim, but surprise! They’re stretchy jersey. And if they’re not already your new favorites, the faux leather stripe might seal the deal. Siskatank//$72.17

Curve Velvet Leggings

Image via ASOS.

You better believe we’re milking the hell out of the velvet trend while it lasts. These affordable leggings from ASOS are the perfect thing to wear all winter long, and they come in a range of sizes up to US 24. ASOS//$29

Strapped Passion Leggings

Image via PunkRave.

Not only do those dangling straps have an S/M-meets-Stevie-Nicks vibe, but we bet you can use them to slap the shit out of anyone who says leggings are a privilege, not a right. PunkRave//$105.19

Cat Magic Leggings

Image via Em and Sprout.

Cats. Daggers. Crystals. Moons.¬†Planchettes that say “Meowja.” We can’t live our best 9 lives without these. Plus, they’re available in sizes up to 3X. Em and Sprout//$38+

Cult Leggings

Image via Killstar.

These badasses are so popular, they seem to go out of stock in a heartbeat, and it’s not hard to see why. Black-on-black occult symbols are a darkling’s bread and butter. Killstar//$45

Black Mini Dot Leggings

Image via DillyDuds.

On those days when “All Black Everything” feels too dull, let your ass sparkle things up with these holographic darlings. They’re available in adult sizes XS-5X, as well as kids’ sizes, so you and your little monsters can match. DillyDuds//$37.99+

Vixxsin Hiro Leggings

Image via Sourpuss.

These distressed babes feature removable faux leather straps, because sometimes you feel like a dom. Sometimes you don’t. Vixxsin via Sourpuss//$39

Moonlight Candle Bearer Leggings

Image via Cory Benhatzel.

With a hand-drawn design by Cory Benhatzel featuring bats, moons, and runes, these will be the talk of the Yule sabbat. Save us some veggie dip, would you? Cory Benhatzel//$35

Potion Bottles Leggings

Image via UnResAttic.

How cute are these? We need to see some curvy babes rocking a pair with a sexy crop top STAT. (Psst: UnResAttic sells those, too.) UnResAttic//$32

Spellbound Leggings

black milk leggings

Image via Black Milk.

We close with these fan favorites from Black Milk, and nobody is surprised. Black Milk’s made a name for itself by offering up some of the witchiest leggings ever, and these are no exception. Black Milk//$57.08

Featured image via (L-R): Too Fast, ASOS, and Sourpuss.

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