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The Lust List 3.19.17

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The Lust List is a bi-weekly roundup of treasures and trinkets that the Dear Darkling staff has been lusting after. These are our staff picks, real purchases, and deepest darkling desires.

Hex It All Undies

lust list

Hex Trump, hex the patriarchy, hex racists, hex rapists, hex Nazis. Hex all those who may wrong you. And do it with your undies. Hag Club//$12

Häxan The Devil Pendant

lust list

Black Phillip forever. Inspired by the silent film, Häxan, this delicate needlework immortalizes our favorite all black beast. Fevernest//$82

Black Death Print

lust list

We would happily line our halls with prints from Madame Talbot’s, but we’re especially fans of this Paul Fürst inspired plague doctor. Victorian Lowbrow//$14.95

Gothic Skull Ring

lust list

In the search for the perfect skull ring, the results are often rather large and gaudy, so we were thrilled to find this dainty little guy. NestofReveries//$38+

Rose Choker

lust list

It’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite from Zana Bayne’s new Wild Rose collection, but this is definitely a contender.. Zana Bayne//$250

Midnight Hour Victorian Blouse

lust list

We’re suckers for a good Victorian-inspired blouse, especially when it’s made of sheer lace. Widow//$49

Smoky Quartz Marten Skull Necklace

lust list

This a real skull, encrusted with real crystals. Enough said. DeadHappy//$130

Taxidermy Rose & Hand

lust list

Because we’ve always wanted to own a Beauty & the Beast-esque rose, but with a gothic twist. Decorus Macabre//$682

Vesper Vibrator Necklace

lust list

We’re not saying you need a beautifully discreet vibrator to secretly wear around your neck, but… Crave//$69+

Rune Stone Bath Bomb

lust list

Each of these beautifully scented bath bombs (we’re talking patchouli, rose, and citrus) melts away to not only turn your bath a shimmery green, but also reveal a crystal or rune stone hidden within. Witch Baby Soap//$5

“Possession of the Bibliophile” Enamel Pin

lust list

This ghostly pin is perfect for all those who seek solace and comfort in books. The Library Foundation will also receive $1 of each pin purchases. The Creeping Museum//$10

Sex with Shakespeare: Here’s Much to Do with Pain, but More with Love by Jillian Keenan

lust list

This smart and often funny memoir explores how Shakespeare inspired the author to realize her kinks. Amazon//$16

Talisman Diamondsaur Ring

lust list

These adorable dinosaurs are complete with diamond eyes, and the volcano they’re approaching holds a quartz crystal. The natural history nerd in us is very happy. Elaine Ho//$255

Old Fashion Garter Belt

lust list

This handmade leather harness is simultaneously dapper and femme, and we are very into it. taciturnforsale//$70+

Check back every other week for the latest trinkets, treasures, and talismans catching our discerning eyes.

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About The Author

Haleigh is a lover of all things dark and magical. She works in fashion, and is the co-founder of Babe Coven. Follow her on IG to keep up with her latest darkling musings and desires, her all black everything wardrobe, and no shortage of cat photos.

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