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The Lust List: 5.25.18

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The Lust List is a bi-weekly roundup of treasures and trinkets that the Dear Darkling staff has been lusting after. These are our staff picks, real purchases, and deepest darkling desires.

Wooden Miniature Bates Motel Kit

Image via Fleur’s Gifts

Holy shit, someone teach me to be good at crafting, stat. This miniature wood kit has several options so you can reenact the most important Psycho scenes but in, you know, tiny form. Fleur’s Gifts//$19.37+

Psycho Plate

Image via Inaeent

Since we’re in the area, might as well show you this ridiculous plate. It’s completely impractical and yet we want an entire set. Because life’s too short not to be reminded that showers are evil, horrible places where you will likely meet your demise. Or, uh, something. Inaeent//$60.00

Crow Skull Trophy Necklace

Image via mrsoles

Make all the normies stare as you wear this incredible cast resin necklace to the grocery store, your gynecologist appointment, and your nephew’s t-ball game. If anyone asks, you made it yourself real quick on your way across town, and you’d happily make them one if they’ll provide their own skulls because you aren’t sharing your stash. mrsoles//$50.00

Felted Albino Bat Family

Image via Crybaby Trish

*Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee* Do you SEE how CUTE this batty little family is?! Obsessed. Crybaby Trish//$37.00

Dracula’s Castle Earrings

Image via CuriologyUK

*Insert joke about how these earrings do not suck here.* CuriologyUK//$16.59+

Gold Stacking Skeleton Mugs

Image via Charlotte Clark

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This mug set is made out of bone china, plated in 24k gold, with a cohesive skeleton design running down the mugs. And, oh yeah, it just so happens to come in a coffin case. These would be a lovely addition to any tea party, and yes of course we would love to be there, thanks! Charlotte Clark//£75.00

Witch’s Herbs Enamel Mug

Okay, most of us can’t afford a set of mugs plated in 24k gold. But even us broke, basic witches can buy a nice, durable enamel mug to keep our coffee warm while announcing to the world what we need for our next batch of potions. The Creeping Moon//$17.00

Wood Witch Patch

Image via Trashedy

If you look at this image and think, “What picture of me did they base this on?!” Then you obviously need to buy a few and put them on the back of every jacket you own. Trashedy//$7.27

Codex Journal

Image via Killstar

Because constantly writing your spells down on your hands and arms is just a big, smeary mess. Killstar//$15.00 (but likely cheaper because they’re having a giant Memorial Day sale!)

Human Centipede Sock Monkeys

Image via The Ginger Zoo

Does anyone really need this? Probably not. Do you all need to look at this? Yes. If we did, then so do you. You’re welcome. The Ginger Zoo//$83.14


Check back every other week for the latest trinkets, treasures, and talismans catching our discerning eyes.

Feature images, L to R: mrsoles, Crybaby Trish, and Charlotte Clark.

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