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The Lust List 5.26.17

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The Lust List is a bi-weekly roundup of treasures and trinkets that the Dear Darkling staff has been lusting after. These are our staff picks, real purchases, and deepest darkling desires.

Lace Locks

lust list

We’ve never been happier to own so many lace-up boots. Lastcraft//$10 each

The Hunt Midi Ring

lust list

The pointed shape of this midi ring compliments freshly sharpened claws perfectly. The Rogue and the Wolf//$16.12

Goatman Plush

lust list

If we came home to find this little beast sitting upon our bed, we’d happily sign his book. The Beast Peddler//$230

Skull Pin Velvet Choker

lust list

This dapper skull pin keeps your velvet choker in place so your head doesn’t come tumbling off, er, I mean…what?? Disturbia//$9.89

Bat Eye Mask

lust list

Vitamin C and honey keep your skin smooth and bright, so you can maintain your vampire appearance. Peach & Lily//$4

Red Blood Rose Brooch

lust list

We’d like to pretend that this rose has been turned red with the blood of those who have wronged us. Jas Helena//$20

Skull Witch Print

lust list

This colorful witch looks like someone who you’d happily follow into a dark forest, with her beauty, power, and dangerously alluring gaze. InPrnt//$15+

Venturous Platform Heel

lust list

These comfy platforms are perfect cozy goth meets kink witch. Fluevog//$319

“Wonderful & Strange Liquid Music Trio” Unisex Fragrance Collection

lust list

Since everyone is freaking out about the new Twin Peaks. House of Matriarch//$244

Wrought Iron Bra

lust list

We’re not sure how practical this iron piece is, but we’re here for the Princess Leia vibes. BDSM Attributes//$780

Black Beeswax Spine Candles

lust list

You know how we feel about candles, especially when they’re jet black bones. Grave Digger Candles//$81.95

Raven Leather Mask

lust list

For your next masquerade ball, kink party, or trip to buy toothpaste. Tom Banwell//$59

Stay Home Tee

lust list

You know you want to. Babe Coven//$28

Pin Divination Kits

lust list

This genius idea combines two of our favorite things: pins and daily intention setting. The Dark Exact//$22+

Earthly Delights Triptych Tapestry Set

lust list

So you would need an entire wall in your apartment to display this. Worth it. Ball & Chain Co.//$60

Check back every other week for the latest trinkets, treasures, and talismans catching our discerning eyes.

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About The Author

Haleigh is a lover of all things dark and magical. She works in fashion, and is the co-founder of Babe Coven. Follow her on IG to keep up with her latest darkling musings and desires, her all black everything wardrobe, and no shortage of cat photos.

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