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The Lust List: 7.20.18

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The Lust List is a bi-weekly roundup of treasures and trinkets that the Dear Darkling staff has been lusting after. These are our staff picks, real purchases, and deepest darkling desires.

Bat Wing Vegan Leather Wallet

Image via Murmures

Oh Black Phillip below, has there ever been a more darkling-friendly wallet? No. No, there has not. Let’s amend our second favorite hashtag to #allbatwingeverything Murmures//$44.00+

Witchy Leggings

And, has there ever been a more appropriate pair of leggings that you absolutely need before fall gets here? Bonus: there’s a hidden pocket to keep your valuables in, and anything that has a “triangle-shaped gusset crotch” sounds like a good time to us. Morbid Curiosities//$45.00

Mini Vampira Septum Ring

Image via Arcana Obscura

Bats in your handbag, bats in your outfit, bats all over the place/when bats are made into jewelry, you can even have bats in your face! Arcana Obscura//$35.00

Hereafter Collection Soap Sampler

Image via Little and Grim

Our new favorite soap supplier is Little and Grim, and we’re just gonna go ahead and say no darkling bathroom is complete without a graveyard made out of soap, especially soap that smells THIS GOOD. Little and Grim//$20.00

Mini Dracula Book Earrings

Image via Kit’s Designs

Proudly proclaim your book nerdiness to all who gaze upon thee, so they shall repent for only having seen the movie, because it’s never as good as the book. Kit’s Designs//$15.00

Black Widow Ring

Would it be excessive to wear one of these incredible rings on every finger? Seriously. The size, the coffin-shaped smoky quartz, the incredible detail… ugh. Consider us converted into arachnophiles. Moon and Serpent Jewelry//$229.00

Miniature Skull Moss Terrarium

Pardon us as we squeal with delight over this dainty, dark terrarium. The detail! The skulls! The name! So spoopy, so perfect. Artificialia Room//$30.50

Rose Quartz Succulent Planter

Image via Gem the Stem

If you’re looking for some real greenery for your home, there’s nothing quite like a gigantic rose quartz full of beautiful succulents, no? We’ll take six, thank you. (If the plants die, use the quartz as a candle holder!) Gem the Stem//$48.00

The Witch’s Lair Wall Hanging

Hang this proud pennant in a prominent place in your home so everyone knows whose house this is. (It’s the cat’s house, though, let’s be real; our familiars own us, not the other way around.) Moon and Bear Shop//$16.26

Monsters Infant Seat Cover

Image via Baby Twin

It’s never to early to introduce your kids to their future best friends. Baby Twin//$69.99+


Check back every other week for the latest trinkets, treasures, and talismans catching our discerning eyes.

Featured images, L to R: Moon and Bear Shop, Gem the Stem, Artificialia Room 

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