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Magical Nostalgia: The Fairy Tale Art of Adam Oehlers

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For those seeking to lose themselves in a fantasy world full of woodland creatures, enchanted forests, and fairies, the creative work of Adam Oehlers is sure to amaze. The illustrator is based in Norwich, England, and has a true talent for conjuring up a dreamworld in his images that evoke a strong sense of magic.

According to his official website, Oehlers is deeply inspired by the work of classic illustrators with a knack for pen drawings, such as Edward Gorey and Arthur Rackham. Oehlers’ art also strongly reflects his passion for well-known fairy tales and children’s stories like Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

Common themes throughout the universe created by Oehlers include beautiful leaves and foliage as well as dimly lit cobblestone with lanterns. Each individual piece that Oehlers creates is meant to tell a story, and the artist aims to spark a nostalgic vibe in his audience that will remind them of the magic surrounding us in everyday life. All his artwork is infused with otherworldliness and features mystical creatures that are sure to transport you to time long forgotten.

In the past, the artist has been featured in exhibits across the world and has worked with many writers to bring their words to life. Oehlers also collaborated with director Jess Cope to develop the original art concept for Metallica’s 2016 music video “Here Comes Revenge” and “Beautiful Birds” by Passenger.


Over the course of his busy career, Oehlers has also managed to get a few publications under his belt. In 2017, he and author Leo LaFleur worked together on a graphic novel entitled The Errand and are expected to release the second installment of the series in the coming year. To find out more about their book, go to Amazon.

The Willow

Be sure to follow Adam Oehlers on Facebook and Instagram to see more examples of his work.

All illustrations are available for purchase in the artist’s online shop.

All images courtesy of Adam Oehlers.

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