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Make Poe Proud: Writing Gear for the Grim and Dark

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November is National Novel Writing Month, a world-wide event which urges writers to push themselves to the heights of literary badassdom. Or, for some of us, it’s just an excuse to drink way too much coffee and procrastinate. Everybody has their own process. In honor of this exciting challenge and you daring darklings who have undertaken it, we’ve brought together a dark and stormy collection of pens, pencils, and notebooks. With these in hand, you’ll definitely want to sit down and hammer out that haunting prose.

Bone Pen

Photo by ArtNoirDe

A little stainless steel memento mori in pen form. Perhaps the constant reminder of your inevitable demise will get that word count up. ArtNoirDe//$36.06

Feed Me and Tell Me I’m Spooky Journal

Photo by Evil Supply Co.

Evil Supply Co. is the place to be for evil paper goods. They have a truly brilliant array of cute and creepy notebooks for all your writing, doodling, and note-taking needs. Not to mention, they’re affordable enough that you can grab a whole stack of them. Perfect for those of us who get distracted easily. Evil Supply Co.//$2.50

Gothic Black Pencil Set

Photo by ETHER

Say it with us: All. Black. Everything. ETHER//$8

Skull In A Jar Notebook

Photo by Wytch Lab

Creepy, cute, and compact. This is the perfect little notebook to keep with you for writing on the go. Wytch Lab//$5.39

Crow Skull Quill

Photo by Indras Ideas

Whether you’re writing spells or bestsellers, these quills add a bit of their own magic. Indras Ideas//$30

Story Time Journal

Photo by Killstar

We’ve been searching for the great American novel for so long, and here it is. Let its brilliance inspire you. Killstar//$15

Inlaid Skull Pen

Just imagine every little skull belongs to someone who doubted you. Marshall Woodworks//$110

Strange Fire Journal

Photo by McCall Co.

It doesn’t get better than McCall Co. Handcrafted Goods when it comes to journals. We recommend this one (named after our favorite Fumery creator) for the writer looking for another reason to put off working. It’s almost too beautiful to write in, after all. McCall Co.//$180

Creepy Pencil Set

Photo by Sourpuss

We were pretty impressed with all black pencils, but we know some of you need a little extra. We present the next level of pencil perfection. Sourpuss//$7

Hail Dionysus Journal

Hail, Dionysus, indeed. He knows his way around drama, after all. Write your masterpiece in one of these lovely notebooks and maybe he’ll scoot a little inspiration your way. Oakthorn Studios//$8

Ouija Journal

“A list about writing? They can’t possibly fit ouija in here.” Oh, ye of little faith. Keep your writing safe and spooky with this gorgeous embroidered journal cover. The Bat in the Hat//$25.24

Cover Photo by Indras Ideas and Oakthorn Studios

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