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Makeup Tutorial: Graphic Grunge by Mª Beatriz

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Are you feeling rebellious today, dear darklings? Because I am! After a month’s worth of drippy, sweet, Valentine’s Day offal, I thought you could use a dark grunge look to balance the scales.

Every February, makeup artists all over the world pull out all their romantic designs. I am just as guilty of that, as you can see in my Lucy Westenra Inspired Look for Valentine’s Day. Now that V-Day is over, though, you can get things back to normal with this anti-Valentine’s Day graphic look.

In this look we will use the complimentary (opposing) colors for the most common Valentine’s Day color combo. Instead of reds, pinks, and white, we’re going to pull out our favorite greens and, of course, a deep black.

Let’s get started!

#Step 1: I am going for simple and natural brows, as I want the focus on the actual makeup.

With a metallic black liquid lipstick I will fill my brows following their natural shape. Once I am done, I am going to correct any mistakes with concealer. In this step the concealer will also help us sharpen the shape we want for our brows. Then, I prime my lids with eyeshadow primer. Setting with powder is not needed.

#Step 2: In this step the “eyeshadow tape trick” will help us to achieve a symmetric and straight line for our wing shape. Get a piece a tape and press it to the back of your hand a couple of times to dull some of the adhesive power. Then, following the natural shape of your eyes, place it underneath your bottom lashline and angle it towards the end of your eyebrow.

#Step 3: Time to trace the shape of our wing. Just breathe– you don’t need a master’s degree in geometry to do it! Using a tiny and very precise angled brush I will make the shape of my wing with the metallic matte liquid black lipstick. If you don’t have a product like this in your collection, you can use a metallic black eyeliner pencil instead, or even a traditional matte pencil/gel eyeliner. The key is to have a dark base to anchor our eyeshadow.

#Step 4: Now, I will fill the shape I created with the same product I used in the last step, minus the inner corner.

#Step 5: In the blank area I am going to use a green pencil liner as a base for my eyeshadow.

#Step 6: Let’s set the wing! For the black part of the look I will use Sugarpill’s Soot & Stars and for the green part, Sugarpill’s Subterranean. Then, I will remove the tape.

Here is the general shape of this look.

#Step 7: For these types of looks I like to leave concealer for last. For now I will work in my waterline and bottom lashline. I am going to apply the same green pencil I used before to prime my under eye, as the eyeshadows will look brighter over the base and will last longer. Now, with a Zoeva 230, I’ll apply Soot & Stars going from the end of the wing until the middle my lashline, and then, Subterranean from the middle of the lashline until the end of it. Make sure to blend the two colors together.

#Step 8: The real fun of this look is in this step. I will prime my inner corner with a sticky eyebase and then apply the metallic lime green in the Juvia’s Place Zulu Palette with a pencil brush. This is gorgeous metallic green, but any metallic green you have will do the job.

#Step 9: To make the lime eyeshadow brighter I will blend some yellow eyeshadow on the perimeter of the shade.

#Step 10: It’s time to finish this eyelook. With a Zoeva 322, a very firm and precise brush, and concealer, I’ll perfect the shape of the wing. Then, I am going to apply concealer all over my undereye area with a small duo fiber brush. The duo fiber brush will blend the shadows with the concealer leaving a seamless texture and gradient. Then, add some highlight to your browbone.

The eyelook is finally done!

Feel free to finish the rest of your face! My tip here is for you to use a rose-toned highlighter and a peach-toned blush. These tones will contrast with the lime green ensuring a harmonious finished look. To finish everything I will apply KVD’s liquid lipstick in Witches.

And here’s our finished look!

This graphic grunge look is a non-verbal protest to all the pink balloons and heart-shaped stuffies! Pair it with a bold outfit and a good amount of confidence.

Make sure to tag us both in case you recreate or get inspired by this look!

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