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Makeup Tutorial: Lucy Westenra Inspired Look for Valentine’s Day by Mª Beatriz

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Hello, darklings!

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate not just love, but also passion and lust. And who are the most successful creatures when it comes to fulfilling their desires? The answer might be a cliché, though a lovely one: vampires! We can’t deny that they just know how to live life at its best.

Film: Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994), Starring Brad Pitt as Louis de Pointe du Lac and Tom Cruise as Lestat de Lioncourt. © Allstar/Cinetext/WARNER BROS. Source: Metro UK

In Bram Stoker’s Dracula, specifically, we see in Lucy Westenra’s transformation a good example of how vampires are more passionate creatures than humans. As a human, she was this sweet delicate woman, but as a vampire, she had lust all over her. So this month, we’re inspired by Lucy, Mina’s best friend, to create this Valentine’s Day makeup look.

Sadie Frost as Lucy Westenra. © Warner Bros. Source: Eme de Mujer

I start the look using soap plus water as brow gel. To see an in-depth step-by-step on this technique you can visit my previous tutorial, the duochrome graphic look. With this technique your eyebrows will look similar to this.

#Step 1: Lucy’s eyebrows look natural and bushy, so to achieve a similar look I will fill mine in using powder. I use a cool toned deep brown to fill them in and then sharpen the shape using a light concealer.

#Step 2: Before setting the concealer I will apply Nyx’s Proof it! eyeprimer, as creams blend well with other creams. Then, I will set my eye with a very light eyeshadow. If you are pale you can use white eyeshadow and if you have a dark skin tone you can use a light beige/beige eyeshadow. I want to use a light shade to achieve the vampire aesthetic.

#Step 3: Now it is a good time to get your Lunatick Comestics Lab’s Pro Contour Book. I don’t have it in my collection, but if you do, this contour book has all the colors we need for this step. We’ll “contour” our eyes, because this is key to achieve that “vampy” eyelook.

With a Zoeva 221 brush and a light mauve shade I will slightly darken my inner and outer corners. To intensify the contour and add more dimension, I will apply a light gray eyeshadow with the same brush.

#Step 4: Now, using a Zoeva 228 brush I will apply a dark coral shade similar to Colour Pop’s Making Moves all over the crease, from the inner corner to the outer corner in a “v” shape. It is time to blend, blend, and blend a little more. You can always use a small blending brush with the shade we used to set the eyes to perfect your blending.

#Step 5: To deepen the red gradient I will use Bloodmilk, the red in the Serpentina Palette by KVD, with a Zoeva 227 brush also in the inner and outer corners. Then with a pencil brush I add the shade Queen (also from the Serpentina Palette). As you can see, we have color in the inner, outer corner and crease, but not in the center of our eyelids. Let’s solve this in the next step.

#Step 6: I will prime the center of the eyelid, again using the Proof it! eyeprimer. With a flat brush I will get some of Sugarpill’s Diamond Eyes, wet the brush with setting spray and apply over the primer. Then, with that same pencil brush I will blend some Bloodmilk in the edges to make everything seamless.

#Step 7: Remember that shade we used to fill our eyebrows? Let’s use it to deepen even more our outer and inner corners. Our eyelids are done for now! You can apply your primer, foundation, concealer and setting powder.

#Step 8: Let’s finish this eye look. I will use the coral shade with Bloodmilk under my eye, and then darken it with Queen.

#Step 9: With Sugarpill’s Diamond Eyes I will add some shimmer to my inner corner and browbone. To apply the shadow in the inner corner I will again wet the brush with setting spray to make it brighter. Then, apply mascara. I am not a falsies girl, but feel free to add some false eyelashes if you want.

And finally, our eye look is done! Feel free to contour, add some blush and highlighter. For blush I used Kat Von D’s Bloodmilk eyeshadow and for highlighter I used Becca’s Moonstone with Sugarpill’s Diamond Eyes.

#Step 10: Well, in the scene where we see Lucy in her crypt, she’s just had a little snack, so this is the perfect opportunity to use some bloody red lipstick. I will first apply Kat Von D’s Countess, then darken it with Nyx’s Madrid and add some gloss.

Here’s our finished look!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Make sure to tag Dear Darkling and myself if you recreate or get inspired by this look. Have an awesome Valentine’s Day, no matter how you spend it. Just enjoy yourself! I will see you soon.

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