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The New England Magic of Burial Ground

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There’s something about woodland New England that murmurs magic – perhaps the crunch of newly fallen foliage, the particular fresh feeling that occurs no time other than a brisk autumn morning, or the inescapable feeling of the land being so old and storied. While hard to articulate with words, the Massachusetts-based Burial Ground expresses this feeling flawlessly in their jewelry.

Taking much inspiration from the natural world and the history of the region they live in, Burial Ground’s Jamie Mooers and Bill Crisafi create jewelry that often features the delicate castings of twigs paired with natural crystal – wild, yet also so elegant in the ways that it is managed to be tamed.

With names like “The Beholder” and “The Eternal Light” and symbolism like pentacles and broomsticks, it’s also easy to see the role that spirituality and occultism play in inspiring their pieces. Imagine peering curiously into the twig-cradled orb in The Beholder ring… what might you see? What kind of energy might emanate from the crystalline structures embedded in metal?

One of the most striking things about items in their collection is their ability to impart a sense of organic age on their metals. The coloration variations in their sterling silver and white bronze options highlight exactly what many of these pieces were cast from in the first place – natural materials.

For more hauntingly beautiful, handmade selections, take a peek at Burial Ground’s website or Instagram. (But don’t blame us when you can’t stop browsing!)

Featured image via Burial Ground.

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