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NUIT’s “Coeur Royale” Collection Will Steal Your Heart

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Founded in 2012 by Anastasia Ikonnikova, NUIT is known for its beautifully draped, romantic Gothic aesthetic. To quote directly from their website, “NUIT presents a marriage of the sacred and the profane, other-worldly shapes in an urban landscape. Each garment is designed to shroud and strengthen the body, ennobling and mystifying the human form.” Furthermore, each piece is strong and gorgeous from its very conception. “Fabrics and materials with innate beauty are a starting point for design, with subtle, intricate details adorning the final garment. The colour palette is harmonious and neutral, allowing the natural elegance of the wearer to be the center of focus.”

NUIT’s newest limited capsule collection, Coeur Royale, is no exception to this standard. Featuring plenty of velvet, with distinct lingerie and Baroque inspiration, every piece is luxe and sumptuous, keeping you feeling sexy in the throes of winter (or anytime, really). Each piece is handmade to order in their Toronto atelier.


Who wants to be Little Red Riding Hood when you could be Little Black Velvet Hood? Hooded Velvet Cape//$167


A corset-style oxblood red velvet top with matching panties? Literally what dreams are made of. Marie Set//$147 (Don’t worry, the pieces are also available separately.)


As a lover of red, velvet, and bows, I think I would sell whatever is left of my soul to own this bodysuit. Pair it with fishnet tights or a high-waisted black skirt and watch everyone swoon over you. Square Neck Bodysuit in Oxblood//$127


A beautiful black linen tank top accented by ribbons wrapping gracefully around the waist is giving me Black Swan meets Charles Dickens vibes. Papillon Tank//$127


A square neckline with immaculate, tiny corset stitching made out of soft black cotton? I would never take this off. Corset Laced Bodysuit//$157


The sweet, innocent sister to the previous bodysuit, this one is solid black velvet, with adorable bow details on each sleeve. And can we talk about these stockings?! Actually, I have no words except one: perfection. Overknee Ruffle Stockings//$137 Square Neck Bodysuit in Black Velvet//$127


Maintain an air of mysterious sex appeal by shrouding yourself in layers of luxurious velvet. Mythic Cowl//$87

Everything in this capsule collection (and there’s much more) is swoon-worthy: each piece constructed from luxe velvet, soft cotton, and flowing linen; the silhouettes graceful, feminine, and demurely sexy. And who doesn’t want a wardrobe full of clothing that can double as lingerie and every day wear? You’d better hurry though; this collection is available in limited quantities, for a limited time. And don’t forget to check out the rest of their line for all of your minimalist, cozy goth needs.

All images courtesy of Nuit Clothing.

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