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Odd Lodges: Hotels for the Darkly Inclined

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Sometimes it’s not about the journey but the destination. Case in point, these weird and wonderful respites offer non-traditional amenities that are miles from the beaten path. We’ve scoured the web to bring you this list of trip worthy accommodations that are anything but your average hotels.

Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum: Fall River, MA

The historic home at 92 Second Street has been meticulously restored so guests can live out the nightmare that unfolded on August 4, 1892. You can choose from eight sleeping quarters including the Morse Room, where Abby Borden’s butchered remains were found. Reservations start around $220 depending on number of occupants and includes a 90 minute in-depth tour of the house. You can even register to become a Lizzie Community Member, which gives you ghostcam access and entry to a yearly drawing for a free room.

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge: Parthenon, AR

This resort home inside a natural cavern offers high-end shelter and astonishing views. The dwelling must be rented as a single unit, which includes four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and 6,000 square feet of space. The price varies depending on season but is listed at $1,200-$1,600 per night. With the ability to sleep up to 16 guests, this hideout could be the perfect coven retreat or bat-themed wedding haven.

70000 Tons of Metal Cruise: South Florida

Photo by 70000tons

This floating festival is a metalhead’s wet dream. Boasting over 50 metal performances, workshops, karaoke, and even a belly flop contest, you’ll spend four head-banging nights in the South Florida seas. The luxury cruise liner also holds four stages, an ice rink, goth nightclub, casino, and a full size boxing ring. With daily childcare you can bring the whole family! The cruise just returned from its annual revelry but keep an eye out for 2019 bookings. It’s fine, we’ll wait. More time to shop for that perfect pentagram bikini.

The Witchery by the Castle: Edinburgh, UK

Photo by The Witchery

Take goddess bathing to the next level at this gothic boutique hotel. Nine lavishly outfitted suites are available on a per night basis starting at $476 (£345). You’ll have more candlelit glamour than your witchy heart ever dreamed. Enjoy breakfast in bed by a top-rated chef, or dine at the hotel’s restaurant that has been called the “prettiest ever” by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Edinburgh Castle nearby, the Witchery has done its part to embody the pageantry and theatrics of Scotland’s royal medieval times.

Bats and Broomsticks Gothic Guest House: Whitby, UK

Headed to Whitby Goth Weekend? Bats and Broomsticks is the place to hang your cape. It is strongly suggested that you book as far out as you can. The guest house is open year round but is notoriously busy during the famous twice-yearly events. At this beloved niche hotel you’ll find three stunningly curated rooms and a cooked-to-order breakfast. Owners Tish and Kev like to entertain their guests sometimes offering them challenges and quests. Because they are a small operation with evolving rates the owners ask that you select a room using this form and call them directly.

Ancient City Inn Bed & Breakfast: St. Augustine, FL

Photo via VisitStAugustine

Soak in the sun and psychic energy of America’s oldest city. Have spiritual counseling or past-life regression therapy by owner and spiritualist medium Rev. Carri Donnan while you are a guest. The house is also pleasantly haunted by a cat (among other humans). The inn offers three bedrooms with an adjacent cottage that is available for rent by the week or month only. Rooms start at $125 per night and sleep at least four. The fig cottage shown above costs $750 per week and can house six comfortably. Contact the owners here for more information or to book a stay.

Ottawa Jail Hostel: Ottawa, Canada

Photo via Travelocity

Hosteling is quite nice and rarely lives up to the double meaning in its name. This hostel went full circle, revitalizing a 150-year-old penitentiary that was known for being inhumane. Despite public outcry, the overcrowded prison wasn’t officially shut down until 1972. In present day use, you can sleep in a traditional dormitory or opt for a quiet night in solitary confinement. Staff also provide daily tours of death row and the gallows. Ottawa Jail is a member of Hosteling International and can be booked online here.

The Clown Motel: Tonopah, NV

If you own a murder motel in the middle of the desert next to an old miners’ graveyard, of course you make it clown themed. We’re talking hundreds of clown figures. In good old Norman Bates fashion you’ll have to inquire about room rates yourself at (775) 482-5920. There is no website for advance booking but the kindly woman at the front desk assured me that you only need to call a week ahead of time. Oh, and if you’re unhappy about the price, you can purchase the establishment and charge your own rates as this museum of horrors is currently for sale. Have fun with that!

Featured image via Beckham Creek Cave.

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