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Off the Wall: The Darkling’s Guide to Wicked Wallpaper

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Some people say wallpaper is coming back in a big way, but darklings know it never really went away. After all, what’s a creepy haunted mansion without peeling wallpaper? Besides being classic, wallpaper is also super versatile. If you’re a renter who can’t wrap your nest, you can always use a little on the back of a bookcase or the top of a desk. We’ve gathered some of our favorites to help you dress-up your own den of darkness.

Ms. Ward

Photo by Grow House Grow

If you are going to wallpaper anything—anything at all—you need to visit Grow House Grow. Not only are their patterns lovely and unique, but each one has a story behind it, so you can make your home beautiful and learn something at the same time. Though their collections include patterns inspired by Aleister Crowley and the Library of Alexandria (swoon), we’ve picked Ms. Ward. This crawly design was inspired by 19th century entomologist Mary Ward, and it doesn’t get cooler than a revolutionary woman studying bugs. Grow House Grow//$190 per roll

Sharp Descent

Photo by Flavor Paper 

If your idea of “homey” is telling everyone who walks through your front door that you are not a person to be fucked with, then have we got a wallpaper for you. It comes in several color options, but there’s something so powerful about that bright red. Flavor Paper//$170 per roll


Photo by Graham & Brown

Never feel lonely again. Just paper your walls in vast fields of velvety flocked skulls and let them stare blankly into your soul, urging you to embrace the sweet relief of eternity. Okay, we might be reading something into this pattern. It’s just wallpaper, after all. Just. Wallpaper. Graham & Brown//$155 per roll


Sometimes, what your home is missing is a place for you to truly commune with the lost spirits of deep sea monsters. Abnormals Anonymous via Walnut Wallpaper//$98

Tattoo Flash I

Photo by Feathr

Why paint your walls when you can tattoo them? This pattern is bedecked with classic-feeling designs by tattoo artist Liam Sparkes. It’s available in several colorways, but we’re partial to this high-contrast white on charcoal. Feathr//$169 per roll

Don’t Stop To Smell The Roses

Photo by Walls Need Love

For when you need a wall covering that says “I appreciate lovely, soft things” but also “life is short, brutal, and subject to the whim of vast, indifferent forces.” Walls Need Love//$48 per four foot panel


This wallpaper has what so many other patterns are missing: a raucous bacchanal. It’s perfect for a bedroom, or use it in your front hall so visitors know what to expect. Sandberg Wallpaper via Wallpaper Direct//$148 per roll

Bronze Skulls on Oil Slick

Photo by Beware the Moon

How can you tell we love you? Because we’ve brought you not one but two velvety skull patterns. This one has a truly breathtaking color changing background. You can repay us by inviting us over to admire your walls. Beware the Moon//$292.93 per roll

Retro Halloween Pinup

Photo by Spoonflower

The true meaning of Halloween is to keep its spirit in your heart all year long. We’re here to help. This design is deliciously kitschy with its zombie/devil/pin-up mashup. Lusy Koror via Spoonflower//$60+ per roll


My god, it’s full of moons. You would have to be a lunatic not to fall for this pattern. We are over the moon about this wallpaper. It would be sheer lunacy to pass it up. Alright, you get the point. It’s way better than our pun skills. York Wallcoverings via Decorator’s Best//$64.38 per roll

Featured image by Graham & Brown

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