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Pet Memorials For Your Beloved Familiar

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Darklings may embrace death more sweetly than most, but losing a companion who has been your best friend is still one of the most heart-wrenching experiences to suffer through. Our recommendation to everyone with a beloved pet is to make their final arrangements while your furbabies are still in good health, your mind isn’t debilitated by grief, and your wallet isn’t limited by the exorbitant veterinary expenses that typically mark their last moments on earth. Then, when the time comes, all you’ll have to do is open up your closet, clear some dust from a box, and have everything you need at the exact moment you need it.

To help you, we’ve curated a list of only the very best memorials the web has to offer.

Deluxe Pet Casket

Image via Amazon

Don’t think of this as a casket, but rather as a luxurious bed wherein they’ll rest in peace. Amazon//$189.99+

Paw Pods

Image via Amazon

For the eco-conscious, you can bury your buddy in a biodegradable casket. Each casket also comes with a seeded leaf that can be planted over their final resting place. Amazon//$14.99+

Small Pet Coffin

Image via LadyAlchemy13

If your baby is on the smaller side, these darling caskets are perfect for burying the remains or for storing ashes. LadyAlchemy13//$20

Custom Carved Wood Grave Marker

These custom wood markers will lend a classic old world touch to your sweetheart’s final resting place. Fat Bison Workshop//$49

Pewter Finish Urns

Available in black, antiqued pewter, and antiqued bronze, these urns are beautiful enough to sit on your mantle and durable enough to be placed in a garden memorial. Rainbow Bridge Pets//$43.57+

Studded Onyx Urn

The classic urn goes punk rock with a studded lid and optional engraving. Une Belle Vie Urns//$200+

Metallic Black Raku Pet Urn

Traditional and classy, this urn is pawsitively a very fine work of art. Candace McCollough//$115

Anatomical Heart Cremation Locket

Sometimes you just need to keep a piece of your loved one close to your heart – literally. Lilac Neuron Jewelry//$165+

Bird Skull Memorial Pendant

Images via Moon Raven Designs

Perfect for mourning a beloved bird. Moon Raven Designs//$145+

Star Locket with Fillable Glass Orb

A locket that will keep your familiar as magical in death as they were in life. Thoughtfull Keepsakes//$24+

Kaiser Canine Tooth Necklace

Image via Wisp Adornments

Whether you’ve held on to your dog’s teeth post-mortem or if you saved the milk teeth from when they were a puppy, this custom necklace is a nice alternative to cremain jewelry. Wisp Adornments//$300

Nose & Paw Print Pendant

Image via Spirit Pieces

If the idea of wearing their remains is just a tad too disheartening, you can wear an imprint of their paw print or nose print. Spirit Pieces//$199+

Cuddle Clones

Images via Cuddle Clones

Until science perfects that whole cloning and digitized consciousness thing, we’ll have to settle for second-best. Cuddle Clones//$199+

Featured image via Rainbow Bridge Pets.

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