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Playlist of the Month: Dancing In The Ashes

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As the year draws to a close, there seems to be a singular collective thought ringing through the cosmos: “Well, 2017 was a fucking dumpster fire made of vomit.”

When everything is terrible and just opening your eyes in the morning feels like wringing lemon juice into thousands of micro-cuts, what’s a darkling to do? Sit in the corner and weep? Well, sure. But we prefer what we call the Addams Solution: “We danced the Mamushka while Nero fiddled…” Dance, darklings, as 2017 takes a bow amid a chorus of boos, and kick up the dust of the world as we wait to see what nonsense 2018 will bring. We’ve built a playlist that’s two parts party music, one part “Go fuck yourself, 2017” to help you along.

Featured image via artimis1993.

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About The Author

Editor-in-chief Alex Moehagen is a crafty and queer artist and writer who lives with her miniature pet Yetis in the frozen Northern Wastes. She's also the owner of Little and Grim Soap Company, the manager of The Poisoners Guild, and thinks boredom is the only sin. You can stalk her over on Instagram.

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