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Playlist of the Month: Into The Long Dark

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There is something particular and beautiful about the beginning of winter. Whether you live in a landscape of fog and chilling rain, snow and whistling winds, or stillness and stark trees, this is the time when we watch the warmth leave the world. While some find this season to be depressing, others find the bare, unadorned landscape a thing of wistful beauty. Does it drive you indoors, to cuddle your comforters and mugs of hot tea? Or do you find yourself wrapping up in a cloak to wander through deserted cemeteries? Whatever you choose, our monthly playlist is a melancholy, haunting soundscape to accompany you as we all begin to walk into the long dark.

Featured image by Elena Samko.

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About The Author

Editor-in-chief Alex Moehagen is a crafty and queer artist and writer who lives with her miniature pet Yetis in the frozen Northern Wastes. She's also the owner of Little and Grim Soap Company, the manager of The Poisoners Guild, and thinks boredom is the only sin. You can stalk her over on Instagram.

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