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Playlist of the Month: Cruel Summer Serenade

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I love summer. Despite an aversion to being sweaty, dirty or generally uncomfortable, I find it to be the most laid-back of all the seasons. It’s no surprise then that my musical tastes turn towards the atmospheric and lush during this time; I want my music to be an appropriately lazy and frivolous soundtrack to my mental summer vacation. And, like the last few drops of your ash-black ice cream cone, these sweet melodies will have you, too, cherishing the last rays of sun… and feeling a little spooky in preparation for fall. After all, this season might be my summer fling, but autumn will always be my one true love.

From southern gothic gems to hazy, lazy surf psych, here’s a few tunes to have you feeling like you can keep your cutest black bathing attire on for juuust a few more days.

Cover image courtesy of Elizaveta Porodina.

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About The Author

Corinne is a designer, illustrator, body positive activist, dirty punk and avid internet user. When she's not trading art for entry into DIY shows or making Spotify playlists, she's working as the co-founder of Babe Coven, petting her cat or wailing on the drums.

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