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Playlist of the Month: A Witch’s Essentials

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It’s no secret that music and magic are intrinsically linked. In broader historical terms it has been used for thousands of centuries in meditative practice; on a smaller scale it provides the background for the daily rituals of our lives. Consider what music you put on when you are preparing yourself for the morning over a cup of tea versus what you listen to when you’re about to sexually charge a Sigil. It holds a great power over our mental state, and for this reason has the ability to connect us further to our spirit when we are feeling out of touch.

The following is a playlist designed to remind you of your darkling nature while also providing a preview of the types of playlists to follow in the coming months. It is handcrafted from a selection of my personal must-listens, and while it covers a variety of genres all of the artists are currently making music, meaning you might just find your new favorite artist to blast during your next Tarot spread or free movement session.


Featured image courtesy of Kelli McGuire.

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About The Author

Corinne is a designer, illustrator, body positive activist, dirty punk and avid internet user. When she's not trading art for entry into DIY shows or making Spotify playlists, she's working as the co-founder of Babe Coven, petting her cat or wailing on the drums.

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