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Poison, Vice, and Everything Nice: The Stuff Little Ghouls Art is Made Of

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Encountering the artwork of twin sisters Joanna and Julia Araujo is like opening an antique music box only to discover that the dancing ballerina has been possessed by an adorable flesh-eating wood nymph. Somewhere between nightmare and fairytale the sister’s collaborations, dubbed Little Ghouls Art, is as captivating as it is macabre.

Growing up with a Russian mother, the twins reminisce about the impact movies like Buratino (the Russian version of Pinocchio) had on their artistic styles. They also draw inspiration from Guillermo del Toro, Tim Burton, and Henry Selick. Film scores from Crimson Peak, Coraline, and Edward Scissorhands make up the soundtrack to their lives.

More than anything the twins love being in the forest. As children they recount playing outside indulging in their sense of wonder and pretend: “To this day being outdoors in these truly magical places is what brings us comfort and sets our minds free. Being submerged in nature is one of those things that awakens a part of us that is so familiar and pure which I believe is very important for everyone to hold onto.”

The Ghouls are co-creators in every sense of the word. While they work on many pieces independently they reverberate each other’s dark whimsy in daily life. Their personal Instagram feeds, @creepy.julia and @peculiar.joanna, are playful havens where they cast themselves as ethereal incarnations of their artwork.

Majoring in visual studios and studio art, the sisters are working on degrees at Cal State San Bernardino with plans to teach. As art students they are grateful for time they can dedicate to cultivating their craft. Their devotion to the learning process means giving into the “cycle of trial and error to figure out what works for you and in which direction you want to proceed.” We think these bewitching twins are off to a pretty great start.

As for the future of Little Ghouls Art, the sisters would love to own their own tattoo studio someday but admit it’s a long-term goal. They also plan to write and illustrate their own book of short stories and poems. No matter where their strange musings take them, we highly recommend you visit the twin’s devilish fairy garden and see for yourself.

Feature Images via LittleGhoulsArt

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