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Pricks of the Month: 11 Enamel Pins for May

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If you’ve been around since the Dirge Style days, you may remember our sharpest monthly feature bringing you our favorite enamel pins. Well, Pricks of the Month is back, and this month our focus is on witchy jacket candy for your entire coven.

If you’re new, sit back and get ready to adorn every surface you can stick a pin through with this classy, sassy, and sinister flair.

Witch and Raven Pin

enamel pins

Photo by Kissing Corpses

Beautiful design and a glittery moon? How could we resist? Kissing Corpses is a relatively new Etsy shop, but if this pin is any indication, we expect great things to come. Kissing Corpses//$13

Classic Witches Boot Pin

enamel pins

Photo by Babe Coven

There’s no chance we could skip the offerings of Babe Coven in this round-up. Alongside their “Kink Witch” and “Pink Witch” pins is this little darling that pays homage to the witchiest of footwear. What happens if you buy a pair and click them together? Will they take you home? Or somewhere more magical? BabeCoven//$10

Rat Witch Pin

enamel pins

Photo by Cat Coven

So sweet, even musophobics will love it. What are you doing with those elderflowers, little guy? (Our vote: make elderflower liqueur for the next Sabbat.) Cat Coven//$10

Live Deliciously Pin

enamel pins

Photo by Grave Markings

Perfect for fans of The VVitch, or for that wickedly talented chef whose soufflés always rise. Don’t tell us that’s not witchcraft. Grave Markings//$10

Pink Rose Pentagram Pin

enamel pins

Photo by Witchvisions

Delicate and dainty, this pin looks like springtime. The full moon for May is the Flower Moon, making this the perfect accessory for an orb gazing party. Witchvisions//$10

A Witch’s Place is in the Resistance/Revolution Pin Set

enamel pins


For the witch who isn’t afraid to be on the front lines. What do we want? Change. When do we want it? Right fucking now. NYXTURNA//$21

Hexy Lady Pin

enamel pins

Photo by I Am Luna Sol

We’re loving the tattoo flash aesthetic of this one. Is that a wand in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us? I Am Luna Sol//$12

Hexes For Exes Pin

enamel pins

Photo by LastCraft

Slap on this pin, crack your knuckles, and get working, baby. Not included: candles, thorns, and a crossroads. Last Craft//$11

Bastet and Sekhmet Pin

enamel pins

Photo by Follow the Black Rabbit

Picking up this beautifully designed pin is more than a fashion statement– it’s a political one, too. $5 from each pin will be donated to the National Immigration Law Center. Meow meow, m’f’ers. Follow the Black Rabbit//$13

All That and a Pointy Hat Pin

enamel pins

Photo by Grave Markings

Because you are, you know. Grave Markings//$10

Good Witch/Bad Witch Pins

enamel pins

Photo by Gimme Flair

We’re digging these understated, slightly retro styled pins. Wear the one that best suits you today, or wear both at once to confuse the small minded. Last Craft via Gimme Flair//$10-$18

Check back each month for our next batch of enamel pins and keep your collection growing.

Featured photo courtesy of Haleigh Schiafo.

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