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Pricks of the Month: 12 Enamel Pins for April

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Been waiting for us to whip together our list of our favorite enamel pins again? Well, darkling, like a fancy meringue, good things take time. We think it’ll be worth your wait. Two words: “Dick Slayer.”

Three Eyed Goat Pin

Image via Dripface.

Available in white-on-black or black-on-white (pictured), whichever three eyed goat you choose, one thing’s clear: This goat has seen some shit, man. Dripface//$9

Pentacle Coffin Pin

Image via Bird Ov Prey.

Proof that, yes, you might need stuff from high school math class later in life. Who knew geometry could be so badass? Bird Ov Prey//$10

Deathhead Moth Collar Pins

Image via Graphicward.

This two-pins-with-skull-dangle set would look amazing on a Wednesday Addams dress, a black button-down, or your favorite cardigan. Graphicward//$35

Amethyst Pin

We are always here for crystals. Always. And can we just say that “Lapels & Spells” is one of the best names we’ve ever heard? Laserbrain Patch Co.//$8

All Black Everything Crystal Ball Pin

Image via Pretty in Punk.

We’re never letting go of this hashtag. Pretty in Punk//$7.20 (on sale)

Graveyard Scented Pin

Image via Riot Creeps.

Let everyone know your signature fragrance with this glow in the dark beaut. Riot Creeps//$6

Raven Stitch Pin

Image via Corvink.

Cheer up, little dude. After this you’ll have a bitchin’ scar. Corvink//$12

MX. Gender Neutral Honorific Pin

Image via Grrrlspells.

Ok, these aren’t enamel pins, but we’re not sorry about including them. They’re made of wood, laser cut and hand-painted with the gender neutral “Mx.” (like Ms. or Mr., and pronounced “miks” or “muks“) in a witchy, rune-inspired font. Love. Grrrlspells//$8.04

Broken Hearts Vol. 1 Pin Set

This trio of pins are like the stages of a relationship: Holding their heart, stabbing their heart, and snakes. No? Just us? Alright. Kraken and Crow Co.//$11.75 each

Delighted in Solitude Pin

Image via Life Club.

Dance like you’re alone in your living room, and that’s the way you fucking like it. Life Club//£5

Snake Skeleton Pin

Image via Lilly Baik.

This pin also comes in rose gold and white, packed with iridescent glitter. Ahhh mahhhh gawwwwd. Lilly Baik//$11

Dick Slayer Pin

Image via Pretty Bad Co.

Not all heroes wear capes, but this pin would look pretty great on one. Pretty Bad Co.//$11

Featured image via Dripface.

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Editor-in-chief Alex Moehagen is a crafty and queer artist and writer who lives with her miniature pet Yetis in the frozen Northern Wastes. She's also the owner of Little and Grim Soap Company, the manager of The Poisoners Guild, and thinks boredom is the only sin. You can stalk her over on Instagram.

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