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Pricks of the Month: 13 Enamel Pins for March

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What’s that we hear? That rustling, damp, green sound? Why golly, it’s the sound of spring, slowly punching its way through the layers of snow and ice like a gentle behemoth. Pretty soon we can all go outside again, frolicking in our enamel pin studded leather jackets without fear of falling on our vitamin-D-deficient asses. Start stocking up now, and be ready when the weather turns from “UGH” to “Oh hey, the sun!”

Spoopy Pin

Image via Creepy Co.

Just in case any of your friends or family missed the memo. Creepy Co.//$9.99

Mütter Bat Pin

Image via Riven Barrow Glass.

Inspired by a stained glass piece by the same name, this pin by Riven Barrow Glass proves that two heads are better than one. Riven Barrow Glass//$15

Geometric Skull Pin

When artists say everything can be broken down into basic shapes, this is what they mean. Get your ‘rithmetic on with this skull pin, available in two colorways. Candle Of Her Brain//$12

Snake Oil Pin

Image via Lilly Baik.

They say “Snake Oil” like it’s a bad thing. Have you seen the shine on those beauties? We should be so lucky. Lilly Baik//$10

Satanic Spinster Pin

Image via Gimme Flair.

Say it with us: “If I wanted a spouse, I’d conjure one from the fiery depths of the underworld. Now get off my lawn.” Krystan Saint Cat via Gimme Flair//$12

Time’s Up Pin

Image via Super Team Deluxe.

Life might feel hard sometimes, but really, it’s just a long game of hide-and-seek with the Grim Reaper. Hide under the couch cushions. He’ll never find you there. Super Team Deluxe//$10

You’re Set Free Pin Set

Image via PeachyxJames.

Wouldn’t this look darling dangling from the collar of your Sunday best? Show everyone you’re really getting into the spirit of things. PeachyxJames//$16

Still Life Pin

Image via Cold Toes.

This is a gorgeous pin, but real talk: Could we find someone to make this vase in 3D, so we can put our dried roses in something that looks like a funeral urn? Let us know. Cold Toes//$7.99

Athame Pin

Image via Hypnatic.

You can be sure we’ll be picking up this pin before the Equinox. That athame is just perfect. Hypnatic//$10

Death Pin

Image via wwwhiteyyy.

Bastard always strolls in, all, “Oh, haha, I don’t really know how to play,” and then before you know it he’s got Boardwalk and Park Place and there’s hotels everywhere. wwwhiteyyy//$10

Isolationist Pin

Image via Bird Ov Prey.

“I won’t be coming to the party. Sorry, I just need some alone time.” Bird Ov Prey//$10

Chainsaw Unicorn Pin

Image via Tee Turtle.

We don’t want to be unicorns because they’re pretty, delicate, magical creatures. We want to be unicorns so we can stab things with our heads. And hey, check out this upgrade! Tee Turtle//$5

Typical Fortune Pin

Image via Nothing Pins.

It’s never anything else, darling. But it’s the only game in town. Nothing Pins//$10

Featured image via Hypnatic.

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