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Pricks of the Month: 13 Enamel Pins for October

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Dearest darklings, it’s finally October. We took a break from screeching with witchy glee and buying pumpkin spice everything to hook you up with thirteen enamel pins that pay homage to our favorite creepy Halloween flicks. Sure, we watch these year-round, but queuing them up in October just feels right. So turn down the lights, grab a bowl of popcorn, and ready yourself for some cinematically delicious pins.

Hitchcock Lapel Pin

Hitchcock enamel pin.

Photo by Witchsy.

The man, the myth, the immediately recognizable shadow. Nacho Scratcho via Witchsy//$10

Ours Is The Magic Pin

Ours is the magic pin.

Photo by Ludlow Luna.

Are you a Sarah, or more of a Nancy? Either way, this pin quoting The Craft deserves a place on your jacket. Ludlow Luna//$12

Suspiria Bloody Ballerina Pin

Suspiria pin.

Photo by Grim Pin Co.

“Susie, do you know anything about… witches?” Oh, do we ever.  Grim Pin Co//$12

Hocus Pocus Billy Pin

Hocus Pocus Billy pin.

Photo by Jupiter Milk.

Our favorite henchman-turned-ally is rendered with great details and a glow in the dark finish. All that’s left is to find your booOOOOoook.  Jupiter Milk//$8.25

Vincent Price “Phosphorescent Pallor” Pin

Vincent Price pin.

Photo by Creepy Company.

Wear this pin in tribute to the owner of our creepy little hearts. Oh, Vincent, we miss you so. Creepy Company//$12.99

The Father Exorcist Pin

Exorcist pin.

Photo by Isopod Industries.

This new take on the ubiquitous imagery from The Exorcist might be the one and only time we’re cool with calling for a priest. Isopod Industries//$9.99

Ghost With The Most Pin

Ghost with the most pin.

Photo by Hopesick.

For those days when you roll up in your favorite striped stockings and messy hair. It’s showtime. Hopesick//$8.50

Wednesday BFF Pin

Wednesday pin.

Photo by Laissez Flaire.

Forever the original WCW, this Wednesday with her infinite braid loop might be a treat for yourself, or something to slide to your best witch friend. Laissez Flaire//$15

Nosferatu Coffins Pin

Nosferatu pin.

Photo by Woe and Shucks.

Whether you’re a fan of silent movies in general or Nosferatu in particular, this pin is a delightfully subtle nod to where it all began. Woe and Shucks//$9

Predatory Plumage Pin

Psycho pin.

Photo by Nervous Hands.

A beautifully rendered tribute to Hitchcock’s masterpiece Psycho, this pin has us looking for a vacancy on our lapel. Nervous Hands//$13

Vladislav The Cat Pin

Vladislav pin.

Photo by Staring Yeti.

“He could turn into all sorts of animals. But now he never gets the faces right.”  Staring Yeti//$10

Black Phillip Pin

Black Phillip pin.

Photo by Dulce Calaveritas.

We’ve been all over The VVitch since its release, and we’re not even a bit sorry. Black Phillip forever. Dulce Calaveritas//$10

VHS Horror Label Pin

VHS label pin.

Photo by Creepy Company.

Advertise your old-school cred with this VHS label recreation. Then tell those meddling kids to get off your lawn. Creepy Company//$9.99

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