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Pricks of the Month: 17 Enamel Pins for September

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Breathe deep, darklings, as the last breezes of summer leave us and the slow, pumpkin-spice-scented chill of autumn creeps ever closer. Inhale, look around, and repeat after us: “Fiiiiiinally.”

Jacket season is right around the corner, which means it’s time to ladle on the jacket candy. Our enamel pins roundup for the first month of autumn is extra packed with treats.

No Feet Pin

Delia is gonna be sooo mad, guys. Best get back to the attic. The Candy Corn Cult//$9.06

Shakespeare’s Heroines Pin Set

Image via Literary Emporium.

Litter your gear with quotes from your favorite literary ladies, and become the talk of the local library and/or amateur theater group. These pins are also available individually. Literary Emporium//$32

Tarot Card Pin

Image via Tacoroach.

This pin might remind you to keep balance in your life by following the path of moderation. Or it might remind you that balance is easier when you carry a sword in both hands. Tacoroach//$11.99

Lucky 13 Enamel Pin

Image via Life Club.

Keep a lucky 13 on you with this subtle pin and leave the rabbit’s foot at home. Life Club//$6.67

Night Owl’s Club Pin

Image via Strange Ways.

You will know them by their dark circles and jumbo mugs of coffee, and, of course, these pins. Strange Ways//$7.99

Vampire Beast Pin

Image via Lunar Crypt.

Meet our new pet! His name is Mr. Fluffles, and his favorite food is the faces of cat-callers. He’s a rescue. Lunar Crypt//$7

Monster Baby Pins

Images via Strange Ways.

Go ahead and squeal: these pins are friggin’ adorable. Available individually but clearly meant to be collected, you can build your own little family of the strange. No DNA required. Strange Ways: Devil Baby, Vampire Baby, Witch Baby, Skeleton Baby//$9.99 each

Persephone and Hades Enamel Pins

Image via Katie Versace Art.

These pins illustrating our favorite underworld couple are available individually, as a pair, or paired with a chain connecting them. Awesome for your collar! Just don’t eat the fruit. Katie Versace Art//$9.60+

Heretic Pin

Image via Torvenius.

Might as well come out and say what everyone’s already thinking. Torvenius//$10

Boogieface Pin

Image via Crom.

This mashup might be the best TNBC-themed pin we’ve ever seen. Our bugs! Crom//$9.99

Featured images via Strange Ways and Crom.

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