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Pricks of the Month: 13 Enamel Pins for July

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It’s the middle of summer, the cruel yellow day ball is melting our faces off, and Goddess knows we’re missing our leather jackets and boots. Since we’re sprawled on top of the A/C unit in our underpants, we thought we’d share our new favorite enamel pins. Pour yourself a cold drink and scroll down for poison, skulls, knives, and other designs that just scream “Summertime Sadness.”

Atropa Belladonna Pin


Photo by The Creeping Museum

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

Come find out.

The Creeping Museum//$10

Yes Today Satan Pin


Photo by Grave Markings

Remember, when dealing with potential suitors, consent isn’t just sexy. It’s necessary. Grave Markings//$10

Small Daggers Pin Set


Photo by Manière Noire

Secure this set on your collar or cuffs. Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed ma’am. Manière Noire//$14

Never Sleep Pin


Photo by Ahoy Kollektiv

Sleep is for the week, and it’s Saturday, witches. Slam an espresso and let’s go. Ahoy Kollektiv//$10

Delicate Finger Flower


Photo by Hoo Farded From The Sky

Sometimes it’s nice to wear something that’s pretty, girly, and subtle, from an extremely dignified brand. Hoo Farded From The Sky//$7

Catskull Pin


Photo by Bad Vibes by Matt Darling

It’s a cat. It’s a skull. It’s a-dorable. Bad Vibes by Matt Darling//$10

Active Bitch Face


Photo by Witchsy

They say “bitch” like it’s a bad thing. Sometimes the best defense is a strong offense. Weird Empire//$10

You Is Fine Pin


Photo by Lazer Kitten

Pick up one for you, one for your best friend, one for your mom, one for your gran. All you bitches is fine. Lazer Kitten //$12

The Goddess Veritas Pin


Photo by Thrice Illustrious

Goddess of Truth, wear the symbol of Veritas and rise above all the bullshit. Thrice Illustrious//$10

Mummified Alive Pin


Photo by Cultural Void

My safeword is “Queen Sobekneferu.” Cultural Void//$10

Funeral Pin


Photo by Bird Ov Prey

Something to point to when people ask where you’re going dressed like that. Bird Ov Prey//$10

Stitch n’ Witch Pin


Photo by Bombasine

Knit two, purl one, knit two, hex one. It’s a simple pattern, really. Bombasine//$11

Pin Set by Yosiell Lorenzo


Photo by Yosiell Lorenzo

This set comes with four gorgeously designed pins, which means you can keep one for yourself and give the rest to your coven babes. Tag, you’re it. Yosiell Lorenzo//$28

Featured image by @conqueror_worm.

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Editor-in-chief Alex Moehagen is a crafty and queer artist and writer who lives with her miniature pet Yetis in the frozen Northern Wastes. She's also the owner of Little and Grim Soap Company, the manager of The Poisoners Guild, and thinks boredom is the only sin. You can stalk her over on Instagram.

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