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Pricks of the Month: 12 Enamel Pins for September

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Oh, summer, we loved you while you were here. Your sandy beaches, humid nights, and BBQs with our favorite freaks will warm our memories forever. But dear darklings, we all know what’s next.

Leather jackets.
Tall boots.
Layers of lace and fishnet stockings and motherfucking cloaks.

With September heralding the start to our favorite season, we present to you an eclectic mix of pins, all itching to greet the soon-to-be-falling leaves, the walks in cool evening air, and the inevitable Pumpkin Spice Everything. Suit up. Autumn is coming.

Sin Pin

enamel pins

Photo by Witchsy.

Let everyone know what you’ve got on your mind with this shiny devil (spoiler: there’s lots of butts). Cold Toes via Witchsy//$9

Spooky Mermaid Pin

enamel pins

Photo by Gimme Flair.

“There you see her, sittin’ there across the way. She don’t got a lot to say, but there’s something about her…” Punky Pins via Gimme Flair//$9

Ovarlord Pin

enamel pins

Photo by Gimme Flair.

When we say “Cramps from hell,” we know what we’re talking about. Masons of Kenya via Gimme Flair//$8

Creepier Than A Cemetery At Midnite Pin

enamel pins

Photo by Dumb Junk.

We love the retro styling on this pin. Go ahead. Be the creepy you want to see in the world. Dumb Junk//$7

Spinner Lapel Pin

enamel pins

Photo by Ball and Chain Co.

Current mood: All of these are accurate. Ball and Chain Co.//$8

Sun/Moon Pin Set

enamel pins

Photo by Ludlow Luna.

Are you tired of Ouija board stuff yet? Neither are we. Especially when it’s subtle like this celestial pin set. Ludlow Luna//$16

Glitter Morgue Sign Pin

enamel pins

Photo by Milly Pins.

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Milly Pins//$8

Love Perfected by Death Pin

enamel pins

Photo by Moss Märchen.

Ornate details surround a quote by Oscar Wilde on a tombstone. What’s not to like? Moss Märchen//$10

Root Evil Noir Pin

enamel pins

Photo by Wytch Lab.

At the end of a long week, sometimes it’s nice to crack open a cold one with the girls. Mmm, Baphomet-y. Wytch Lab//$8

Ankh Pin

enamel pins

Photo by Black Cloud Company.

Clean lines, timeless design. Sometimes you just gotta K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sexy). Black Cloud Company//$10

Glow In The Dark Flamingo Skeleton Pin

enamel pins

Photo by VOIDEaD.

Summer is over, fuckers. Long live the autumn. VOIDEaD//$14

All Hope Is Not Lost Pin

enamel pin

Photo by Frolik Studio.

The entire world is a dumpster fire, we know. But there’s still good stuff! Like booze. And cats. And butts. And these pins, which come in your choice of three colors. Rejoice! Or don’t, whatever. Frolik Studio//$9

Featured image by Moss Märchen.

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