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Read Your Fortune: Divination Decks for Witchy Darklings

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Witches have relied on the wisdom of the Tarot for centuries to draw deeper meaning from life’s crazy little happenstances and to shed light on the mysteries of existence. But in order to do so effectively, the proper tools are absolutely essential. Luckily, tarot decks come in all shapes and themes, so it’s easy to find one that suits your needs and personality. Reference our list below to see some of the most artistic and beautiful decks we’ve come across in our quest for the perfect Tarot deck.

The Luminous Void Tarot

Image via @theluminousvoid

Laura Zuspan’s deck is a labor of love that’s been a long time coming! After years of spiritual practice and painting, the artist has perfected this beautiful art piece composed entirely of watercolors. The deck is inspired by Tibetan Buddhism, medieval texts, and modern art, which she hopes will move the reader towards deepening their inner wisdom. The cards themselves also have unique rounded edges, inspired by 15th century medieval playing cards. The Luminous Void//$48

Starman Tarot Kit

Artist Davide de Angelis worked closely with David Bowie in the 1990s on a number of art projects, and the creation of this deck is deeply inspired by Angelis’ work with the legendary musician. The cards are meant to act as a creative catalyst for the reader to get in touch with their self-expression and individuality. Starman Tarot//$16.49+

*Please note that the kit is not available for purchase through the website, but it can be found on Amazon.

Ghetto Tarot

Image via Ritualcravt

The Ghetto Tarot, created by Alice Smeets, is a haunting reinterpretation of the classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck with the Haitian ghetto as its backdrop. The images were originally created by Pamela Colman-Smith, and Smeets worked with local Haitian artists to replicate them. Based off the resilience and strength of the Haitian community, the project goes beyond racial prejudices to offer a transformation of the common beliefs of the ghetto while enabling readers to discover new parts of themselves. The Ghetto Tarot//$58

The Marigold Tarot

Image via Amrit Brar

Drawn by Amrit Brar, the Marigold Tarot is a gorgeous 78-card deck that’s available either in the classic edition or with gilded gold edging on the cards. The artwork itself has elements of Punjabi imagery along with its depictions of nature and anatomical references. The deck of cards also comes with a downloadable PDF when purchased. Amrit Brar//$55

Deviant Moon Tarot

Image via Ritualcravt

Patrick Valenza invites us into a mysterious, yet illuminating world, in the Deviant Moon Tarot deck. Much of the symbolism on the cards is inspired by childhood dreams, allowing for the exploration of the dark side of the subconscious. The haunting images themselves have been reworked from photographs of 18th century tombstones, which are set against surreal images of asylums and abandoned buildings. Deviant Moon Inc.//$18+

The Dark Exact Tarot

Image via @darkexact

This Etsy shop based in Oregon sells divination tools and items specifically tailored for personal rituals. Their aim is to ensure every client can craft a practice with their products; the Dark Exact Tarot deck uses plants and animals to represent traditional figures of the tarot instead of human figures. This way, the reader can connect more intimately with the symbolism of the cards and draw interpretations specific to their own lives. The Dark Exact//$38+

The Anima Mundi Tarot

Megan Wyreweden’s deck is inspired by her deep fascination with the world of nature; the term “Anima Mundi” is actually a Latin term that translates to “the world’s soul,” which encompasses Plato’s belief that all living creatures are part of the same spiritual sphere. The artist donates a small percentage of the proceeds to Conservation International, an organization that’s dedicated to preserving the natural habitat for animals. The Creeping Moon//$45

Wanderer’s Tarot Midnight Edition

Image via @wandererstarot

The second edition of the Wanderer’s Tarot deck is ideal for modern witches with its feminine imagery based on the traditional Tarot symbolism. The cards feature moons, stones, knives, and feathers instead of wands, swords, pentacles, and cups like in many other divination tools; the deck’s purpose is to lead readers to a deeper understanding of self while engaging in the art of manifesting their truest desires. Wanderer’s Tarot//$45

TrueBlack Tarot

Image via TrueBlack Tarot

The TrueBlack Tarot deck by Arthur Wang is an elegant creation designed to be timeless and sophisticated. Every detail was meticulously picked for a specific reason and incorporated into the overall design of the cards. The illustration style itself is difficult to place in a specific time period, which makes each card surface with a story of its own. This well-thought-out deck is made from quality materials that make it resistant to scratches and water, so it should last a long time! TrueBlack Tarot//$85


The DIVINA Tarot is a follow-up deck to the original SPIRIT SPEAK Tarot, which is also available in owner Mary Evans’ Etsy shop. The images on both set of cards are drawn by the artist herself with ink, pen, and grayscale watercolors; the aesthetic follows traditional Tarot symbolism but with Evans’ own quirky style. This allows the cards to stay easily accessible to users, making this a fantastic deck for those new to divination! Spirit Speak Tarot//$45

Featured image courtesy of Amrit Brar.

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