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Rest on Beaches: Grave Swimsuits for Darklings

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Swimsuit season is upon us! Summertime offers another great opportunity to splurge on fashion finds, so here are our top swimsuit picks for darklings who enjoy looking ghoulish even while basking in the sun. Just be sure to lather on the SPF lotion, and bust out your favorite pair of shades while you’re at it.

The Graveyard Smash High Waisted Swimsuit Set

Samantha Rose’s two-piece set is sure to look stylish on goth beauties who love anything Halloween-themed, even in the warm season! The high waisted bikini is slimming, and the top can be adjusted to be worn in different ways. Bows by Samantha Rose//$70-75

Wicked One Piece

Image via KillStar

This gorgeous one-piece from KillStar stands out with its cut-out details, open back, and pentagram feature. It’s the perfect bathing suit for any witch who wants to turn heads while sitting poolside. KillStar//$39

*Warning: This item is low in stock, so jump on it quick!!

Men’s Doll Parts Swimsuit Brief

Image via PrettySnake

Etsy shop PrettySnake offers handmade swimsuits for men in a variety of designs and cuts. The patterns available are whimsical and humorous, if not slightly creepy! If speedos aren’t your thing, you can always request they custom-make a different shape for you. PrettySnake//$38

Haunted Mansion Headstones Gothic Swimsuit

Image via Sincerely Spooky

This unique bathing suit is ideal for darklings who are looking to add a splash of color to their wardrobe while still maintaining their macabre image. The design is inspired by a mixture of gothic cemeteries and Disney’s Haunted Mansion — a fun combination made for the beach! Sincerely Spooky//$50

Burton High Waist Bikini

Image via Foxblood

Looking to channel Beetlejuice or other characters from the Burton ‘verse this summer? Well, you are sure to swoon over this beautiful black-and-white piece from Foxblood. Pair it with oversized glasses and a floppy hat for an overall beach goth look. Foxblood//$52

BlackCraft Moth Print Swim Trunks

Image via Hot Topic

Hot Topic’s BlackCraft collection has it goin’ on! This piece is a great staple for anyone who needs a new set of trunks for the summertime. We are big fans in particular of the allover death moth design and the back pocket feature, which has the traditional BlackCraft Baphomet logo on it. Hot Topic//$29.90

Women’s “Halloween Vibes” One Piece Swimsuit

Image via InkedShop

Get spooky with this gorgeous one-piece by Too Fast, found on InkedShop’s website! Covered in ghosts, bats, and overall Halloween delights, this bathing suit is cut in a very classic style and is sure to haunt your dreams. Inkedshop//$48.95

The Shining Carpet Bikini

Image via Western Evil

“All Work and No Play Make Jack a Dull Boy.” We can’t get enough of this bikini inspired by the carpet pattern found at the Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 movie The Shining! This piece is a must-have for any fans of the classic horror flick. Western Evil//$50

Men’s Graveyard Trunks

Image via PrettySnake

Another favorite of ours that deserved an honorable mention — these trunks by PrettySnake are perfect for any goth man looking to show off his dark style along with his chiseled abs at the beach. PrettySnake//$46

Red Nosferatu Swimsuit

Image via bwet13

Any creature of the night would look smoking in this one-piece swimsuit decked out in a bloody shade of red. Just remember to avoid direct sunlight, so you don’t burst into flames. bwet13//$45

Featured image by @brynna_ashley.

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