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Pack Up the Hearse: 13 Roadtrip-Worthy Morbid Museums

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We have compiled for you, dear darklings, a list of can’t be missed museums that feature the weird, the sick, and the outright morbid. Grab your black lipstick, fold up your capes, and pack up the hearse for a roadtrip that will leave your skin crawling and your morbid curiosity satiated.

International Cryptozoology Museum//Portland, Maine


photo via flickr

Cryptozoology is the study of mythical creatures, the reality behind their believed existences, and the scientific and cultural history surrounding them. Focused on the parts of our world that are enigmatic and mysterious, this one-of-a-kind facility is for all darklings obsessed with paranormal creatures (and they’ve got some eerily realistic Sasquatch figures to boot).

Mütter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia//Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If you’re from the East Coast, odds are that you’ve heard of the notorious Mütter Museum and their entire wall of real human skulls. You’re missing out on the real treats if you’ve never made the trip yourself as their exhibits also feature human wet specimens, lithics, and an entire collection of objects collected from patient’s digestive tracts.

The Salem Witch Museum//Salem, Massachusetts

photo via flickr

Seriously, how could we leave this one out? Focused not only on the trials of 1692, The Salem Witch Museum also explores the history of witchcraft and its ever changing definition. It’s positively spellbinding!

The Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum//Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

photo via facebook

What’s creepier than the vacant, wooden eyes of a ventriloquist dummy? An entire theater of them staring up at you. (Supplemental media for those not yet afraid: The Night of the Living Dummy Saga by R.L. Stine and Dead Silence directed by James Wan.)

Villisca Axe Murder House//Villisca, Iowa

photo via flickr

On June 10th, 1912, the entire Moore family as well as two young friends were murdered by an axe wielding madman. Still the site of one of the nation’s most prolific unsolved crimes, the most daring darklings among us may not only take a tour of the facilities but also book a room. It’s recommended that those who spend the night leave a toy behind for the spirits of the six children whose lives were taken more than a century ago. It promises to be a bloody good time!

Bigfoot Discovery Museum//Felton, California

Whether it’s sasquatches, yetis, or bigfoots you’re after, Bigfoot Discovery Museum has enough footage, footprint castings, and paperwork to spend any entire day combing over. A passion project, nowhere else in the country will you find such a refined collection of evidence.

Museum of Funeral History//Houston, Texas


photo via official website

The National Museum of Funeral History’s focus is on preserving the history of hearse design, embalming techniques, and the mourning practices of countries around the world. Explore the ever-growing nature of dealing with mortality and sneak a peek at the hearse that was used in Grace Kelly’s memorial.

Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum//Boulder City, Nevada

photo via facebook

Perhaps the youngest on our list, Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum is fitted with treats for horror fans and science fiction fans alike. Where else can you find rooms filled with onscreen props to terrify and delight? Think – Pennywise the clown, Blade the living puppet, and Gremlins who have eaten after midnight. Step inside and face these monsters, our little rays of pitch black.

Leila’s Hair Museum//Independence, Missouri

Lovers of Victorian mourning jewelry beware, you will need hours to comb through Leila’s extensive collection of antique hair art. Oftentimes Leila herself is available on site and she’s even got a collection of celebrity hair (we hear Elvis is very much in the building).

Mothman Museum//Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Based on a monster sighting in 1966, The Mothman Museum explores the weirdness surrounding the appearance of a red-eyed winged creature in the sky. It features eyewitness accounts of the subsequent odd lights and men in black who appeared throughout Point Pleasant. A must-see for anyone looking to discover the truth of what really happened more than fifty years ago. Uncover the shadow government and pose with the Mothman Statue (a tourist favorite!) at the same time.

The Living Dead Museum//Evans City, Pennsylvania


Image via wikipedia

Located in the town where Romero’s legendary Night of the Living Dead was filmed, celebrate everything undead and brain eating at The Living Dead Museum. Explore the rise and fall and rise again of zombiemania throughout pop culture history. Just make sure not to get bit while you’re there!

Museum of the Weird//Austin, Texas

Hear ye, hear ye, come one, come all, to see The Minnesota Iceman!
Shrunken heads, bigfoots, and circus acts galore! The Museum of Weird in Austin, Texas is a fun little romp through the curiously morbid and wholeheartedly unusual. This place is no doubt inspired by old style carnival shows and will bring out the child in all darklings who enter.

The Museum of Death//Hollywood, California and New Orleans, Louisiana

photo via flickr

The grisliest on our list, this controversial museum will no doubt satiate our darklings’ deepest morbid curiosities. Be warned – The Museum of Death offers graphic embalming training videos, body bags, letters from serial killers, photographs of car accident fatalities, and exhibits on multiple brutal murders and assassinations. There’s a lot of blood and gore peppered throughout these halls. They’ve even got some of the bunk beds from the the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide. (BRB booking a room in Hollywood right now!)

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