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Shrouds of Darkness: Cloaks for Autumnal Witchery

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As I write this, the first hint of cool, crisp fall can be felt in the air. It’s only August, but I can all but taste the apple cider and feel the crunch of leaves beneath my boots. The anticipation for Samhain celebrations, pumpkin picking, and haunted adventures have me counting down the days until October. At the height of this excitement: fall clothing. As the weather gets cooler, I’m ready to trade in my black bikini and mesh maxi dress for layers of leather, lace, and velvet. I’ll be swathing myself in rich fabrics and textures to traipse through cemeteries and stay warm during moonlit walks. As you hunt for leather jackets, velvet leggings, and cozy sweaters, one fall piece is essential: a beautifully draped cloak.

Darkness Hooded Cloak

Engulf yourself in perfect, powerful darkness in this soft and magical cloak. Handmade from organic cotton, this piece is equal parts comfort and gothic drama. It immediately conjures images of bonfire rituals deep in the black woods. The Darkness Cloak will become a staple in your wardrobe, worn with everything from leggings to lace gowns. Phantomlovely//$128

Doomlord Hooded Top


Credit: Helvak

This may not technically be a cloak, but the Doomlord top allows you to escape into the darkness of your own little world without piling on the layers. The hood on this top drapes like a scarf when worn down, and envelops your head in vegan leather when worn up. Helvak opens on the first of every month, and accepts limited orders, so don’t miss your next opportunity for one of these hooded wonders on September 1st. Helvak//$179

Arcane Ritual Hoodie


Credit: Dollskill

Is there anything better than wrapping yourself up in one perfectly cozy, witchy garment and calling your outfit complete? Swipe on a blood red lip, don some platform boots and you’re ready to hex the patriarchy into dark oblivion. Killstar//$84

Moth Wings Fairy Cloak

For those times when you’re feeling a little less gothic witch, and a little more woodland fairy, drape these stunning wings over your shoulders. The flowing printed fabric begs to dance through dark forests and around midnight fires. Just don’t draw too close to the flame. El Costurero Real//$227+

Hogan McLaughlin

Credit: Hogan McLaughlin Photo by: Bill Crisafi

Credit: Hogan McLaughlin. Photo by: Bill Crisafi

A Salem, MA based designer, Hogan McLaughlin creates capes, cloaks, and gowns that we can only imagine in our most beautiful nightmares and terrifying dreams. While his designs are solely made to order and are highly exclusive, his hauntingly magical editorials are perfect cloak inspiration. You can own a little bit of this magic by way of McLaughlin’s prints and pins.

Ritual Robe

From the perfectly named Witching Hour Collection, this cloak encompasses all that I love about the darkness of fall. The oversize hood shrouds you in mystery; the long bell sleeves are comforting and warm; the clasp and rope closure instills a sense of fantasy. This hand-sewn, 100% organic cotton cloak will keep you warm and witchy as the veil grows thinner and air grows cooler. Sovrin Apparel//$120

Asylum Coat

All good things must come to an end, and eventually autumn will fade into winter. The harsh darkness of the world will be more present than ever, as will the cold. That doesn’t mean sacrificing your love for all things flowing and black. Vegan leather and faux fur will warm your bones and icy black heart. Church of Sanctus//$195

Header images courtesy of Bill Crisafi, Fay Nowitz, and Courtney Brooke, respectively.

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