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Sinister Stuffed Animals for Your Diminutive Darklings

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With all of the toys out there, it can be a real killer trying to find just the right one. Some baby bats would rather have a stuffed Cthulhu or a headless doll, and if that is the case for you, first off: CONGRATULATIONS! There’s nothing more precious than a miniature darkling-in-the-making.
Secondly, now that you know this may be the case, where does one even begin to find spoopy stuffies?
Hang on to your broomsticks, because we’ve got some great ones lined up — most of which you will probably want to keep for yourself, as well.


Image via Imps and Monsters

Pacific Northwest-based Justin Hillgrove’s monsters are relatively tame, but super cute and awesomely whimsical. His shop boasts a few plushies, in addition to games, books, stickers, buttons, and artwork. Imps and Monsters//$14.99 – 24.99

Glow in the Dark Skeleton

Image via AddieKakesKreations

A soft, simple, “spooky-lite” choice. AND the bones glow in the dark? Yes, please. AddieKakesKreations//$29.99 – 35.99

Vampire Bat

Image via AndreaVida

Cute, snuggly, and just the right amount of Halloween for every day of the year. AndreaVida//$25.00

Mummy Zombie

Image via ZOMSplushZOMBIES

He’s been dead a long time, but then he was brought back to life by a cursed gem… and then almost immediately into a zombie. So much for reanimation…  ZOMSplushZOMBIES//$24.99

Junker Jane Dolls

Image via Junker Jane

Portland-based Catherine Zacchino’s soft sculpture/art dolls are charming and evocative, shabby, tea-stained, patched, and made from recycled and vintage fabric (hence her shop name). Over the course of the past 10+ years, she has developed a loyal following, and her work tends to sell out quite quickly. Junker Jane//$45.00

Sheldon the Four Armed Crazy Eyed Orange Plush Monster

Image via KCmonstrosity

Sheldon is just one of several AMAZING creepy creations available in the shop, all of which are stunningly vibrant, charmingly whimsical, and just the right amount of vicious. KCmonstrosity//$45

Bat Plushie

Image via CholyKnight

If we were the “squeeing” type, we just might over this kawaii baby bat. The shop is on temporary vacation until February, but we’ve already got it bookmarked for when they re-open. CholyKnight//$10.00 – 50.00

Glowing Unicorn Skeleton

Image via SewYeti

Cute and a teeeeensy bit creepy, right down to its glow-in-the-dark bones. SewYeti//$6.99 – 21.99

JUMBO Goatie

Image via DivineFig

If you want something a little more hellacious than the norm, this mini Mephistopheles is deliciously diabolical, and just over a whopping 3-feet tall. Divine Fig//$85

The Babadook

Image via DrFrankenBecky

“If it’s in a word, or it’s in a look. You can’t get rid of the Babadook.” Get RID of him?! We’re dying to get one of our own. DrFrankenBecky//$48.44

Anxiety Faerie

Image via SnotNormal

“This doll is an Anxiety Faerie. Anxiety Faeries will absorb all angst and dread from an anxious person. They come from a mythical land far, far away, where people have piles of ugly, tedious paperwork and cars with dead batteries, and bosses from Uranus. A land with things called global warming, and WalMart, and root canals, and Donald Drumpf . . . and where are all the bees going, anyway?” SnotNormal//$40

Primitive Halloween Cat

Image via loopylala

Every baby witch needs a familiar, and this is a perfect start. loopylala//$7

Giant Squid

Image via SunnySideUpPlush

Magnificent mollusca, who WOULDN’T want their very own sea monster, complete with soft, smooshy tentacles? SunnySideUpPlush//$50.00

Kawaii Ghost

Image via Monsters Family

Cute and totally customizable, we’d love to have a whole slew of these haunting our halls. Monsters Family//$23.65 – 31.80

Wednesday’s Doll

Image via FigurativePie

Are you as obsessed with the Addams Family as we are? You too can have your very own “Marie Antoinette,” Wednesday Addams’ doll — either with a solid black dress, like Lisa Loring’s in the TV show, or with a black dress with white flowers, like Christina Ricci’s in the movies. FigurativePie//$50.00

Flasher Bat

Image via carefulitbites

Okay, we know there are already a few bats in this list, but no darkling would ever say there’s such thing as too many bats. And this one just happens to be wearing tighty whities. carefulitbites//$45

Cthulhu Pillow

Image via KawaiiCthulhu

“This adorable Cthulhu or ‘Cute-thulhu‘ is a great decorative pillow! He will drive you to insanity while you sleep… because he is so cute!”  Kawaii Cthulhu//$16.31


Header images, from L to R: SnotNormal, JunkerJane, and AddieKakesCreations.

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