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Sinisterly Scented: Andromeda’s Curse Summer 2018 Collection

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When summer rolls around, so many of us tend to prefer to huddle up inside where the air conditioner is blasting and the darkness from closed blinds keeps us cool. However, when we’re forced to venture outside in the blistering heat, making sure we smell just as devilishly as we look is important. Luckily for us darklings, Andromeda’s Curse has released their summer collection of perfume oils.

Andromeda’s Curse is an independent perfumery brand based out of southern California that caters to those of us who linger in the shadows. Their Etsy shop has a perfectly succinct tagline: “perfume oils for the darkly inclined.” We here at Dear Darkling agree with all our black little hearts.

Here are the six scents included in the summer collection, and why you will love them like we do.


Artemis not only brings to mind the revered goddess of Greek mythology, but it also brings to life images of wilderness and lush greenery. As a perfume, it does just that as well. The citrus zest of lime dances merrily with vetiver and herbal tea, which is enhanced by the sweetness of figs, vanilla, and resinous amber. It offers you a taste of earthiness so you remember its roots, and leaves you wanting more. This is a multifaceted fresh scent that lives up to its otherworldly name.


Brackish is a fitting name for such a unique scent. Salty sea air whipping violently along the coastline while thunderous clouds roar above, pelting heavy rain against the rocky mountain shore; all of this captured within an amber glass bottle. The depth of this fragrance is obvious, with its aquatic muskiness and greenness, rounded out by the addition of vanilla to make it that much more wearable. This scent is a petrichor lover’s dream come true.

The Hunter’s Kiss

Worn leather, heady incense, and the earthiness of dry foliage beneath your feet with a faintly boozy kiss from your lover still lingering on your lips. The Hunter’s Kiss is the kind of fragrance that catches you off-guard, in the best way. This is a peppery fragrance, with smoky tobacco and musky oakmoss notes. It is a delightfully “unisex” scent, and if you have a penchant for atmospheric perfumes like we do, then you will adore this blend at first sniff.

The Call of the Void

Despite this perfume’s rather ominous name, this blend is the embodiment of being a darkling. Perfectly resinous nag champa and the light floral kiss of French lavender make this fragrance feminine but never cloying or overpowering. With subtle woodsy notes and the faint sweetness of Egyptian amber and vanilla, this scent is decadence; dark and lush, like black silk sheets on a mahogany four-poster bed. This blend will have you feeling like the goth siren you are.

Swamp Witch

Picture the murky, muddy banks of the bayou. Dampened soil from the rainfall, the dry bitterness of wormwood, and the headiness of incense wafting in the woody air. This is similar to Brackish in that the aquatic muskiness of the fragrance shines through, but it is deeper and earthier than a typical “clean” oceanic scent. It is atmospheric and intoxicating, transporting its wearer elsewhere with just one whiff. Swamp Witch is a sophisticated scent despite its rural namesake, and a must-have for any witchy repertoire.

Strawberry Gashes

Succulent strawberries dripping with red juice, fragrant and delicious as can be; this sums up this particular gourmand perfume. The full-bodied sweetness of brown sugar and vanilla cuts down the tartness of the strawberry note, with hints of floral from the cherry blossoms and peony. This is not a candy-coated fragrance, not too saccharine or powdery. Instead it is the kind of scent that beckons one in for a passionate embrace. Strawberry Gashes is simply sinful.

This collection is to die for and with enough variation in scent profiles for anyone to enjoy. None of them are heavy on the skin, which are perfect for these warm summer months. They are 100% vegan and available in 5 ml amber glass bottles. Check out Andromeda’s Curse on Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram. As a special treat for our wonderful Dear Darkling readers, enjoy 5% off your purchase with the code “DEARDARKLING5”!

Smell great and stay witchy.

Featured images via @andromedas.curse.

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