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Sinisterly Scented: Hexennacht’s Ave Satanas Collection

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What do you get when you combine a black mass, esoteric imagery, and high quality perfumes from a witchy indie brand? Hexennacht’s Ave Satanas collection, of course.

Hexennacht is a beloved darkling brand, so we were more than eager to get our claws on this devilish array of brand new scents. Included in the collection are six incredible blends that range from gourmand to dark and resinous. There is no doubt that anyone can find a favorite among these intoxicating fragrances. Luckily we have the run down on this sinful collection for you.

Black Phillip

Image via @lilbatling.

If you are looking to live deliciously, this scent is for you. At first, this blend comes off as deep, dark, and peppery with the kind of muskiness that is quintessentially masculine. As it warms and settles on your skin, the complexity of this particular perfume comes through. The sweet resinous quality of amber and dragon’s blood gives it a sensual feel that will drive your olfactory senses wild. The duality of this perfume would make any witch making a pact with the Devil feel proud, and it certainly will make you feel proud to wear it as well.


Image via @lilbatling.

This perfume is sacrilegious and down-right sexual. The heat of cinnamon spice intermingling with heady incense dancing around smoky embers, a pair of gleaming eyes watching your every move like a feral creature stalking its prey. Diablo brings hints of earthiness like musk and patchouli together with sweet orange in the background, like a gravel-laden growl that beckons you closer. It’s a lush and decadent perfume that leaves a warm touch to your skin like the grip of an insatiable lover. Overall, this is a salacious fragrance that will leave you eager to dance with the Devil.

Fallen Angel

Image via @lilbatling.

Even those touched by light can fall from grace. Rebellious angels, with their beautiful feathered wings ripped to the bloody bone as they plummet from above, would find this particular fragrance all too familiar. Fallen Angel invokes images of once righteous soldiers tearing through a crisp storm, colliding into the rocky terrain of an unmovable mountainside with upturned soil wet from rain. For us humans, we can revel in the lush greenery of this comforting scent. This blend offers the wearer the nostalgic muskiness of wet stone, but throughout the day the scent’s green notes come to the forefront and make it more wearable than purely atmospheric.


Image via @lilbatling.

Like the morning star, this fragrance shines as brightly and beautifully as its namesake. It is just as sophisticated and charming as you can imagine. The fresh fruity notes of blackberry and apples are amplified by the citrus crisp of bergamot, perfectly paired with a cup of black tea and a knowing grin. As it is worn throughout the day, the more earthy notes of white sage and cedar wood offer depth to a scent that you thought you knew at first sniff. If you adore a scent that goes with any season, this light and delicious perfume will become a staple in your repertoire of deviously delightful fragrances.


Image via @lilbatling.

The cool, ominous air of nightfall hangs heavy over you as you traverse a twisted path in a secluded forest left undisturbed. This is what Mephistopheles brings to mind. Fragrant wood notes, creeping smokiness, and a sort of nostalgic earthiness encompasses this blend. There is a subtle spiciness to it, more than likely attributed to the clove that ties it all together. Perfectly composed as an essential fall scent, it is as dark and enthralling as a Germanic folktale. You would be hard pressed to deny the draw of this perfume, just like Faust himself.

Old Scratch

Image via @lilbatling.

Decadent and luscious like spiced cookies and fresh baked pumpkin pie, this gourmand perfume will be a staple for the fall just like these delectable treats. The mouthwatering sweetness of molasses fills your senses at first sniff, followed by the spice notes familiar to desserts associated with the cooler change of weather. Like sipping on a glass of aged bourbon, it warms you up and gives a little kick. This perfume blend is just as alluring and inviting as Mr. Scratch, and we believe you will be quite at home reveling in its delicious fragrance as well.

Interested in selling your soul for this wickedly concocted collection of perfumes? Don’t fret, you can have them all for far less steep of a price. Simply head over to the Hexennacht website to place your order. These blends were one hell of a delight to wear, and we guarantee you will feel the same.

Featured image via @lilbatling.

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