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Sinisterly Scented: Whisper Sisters Perfume Oil

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Finding a perfumery that caters to the witch in all of us is difficult, but don’t despair because we here at Dear Darkling have found one for you!

Whisper Sisters is an indie perfumery that has been in business for 12+ years, with over 20 years of experience in perfumes. Their forte is resinous and earthy fragrances, and it is safe to say they know their “smell good” stuff.

Here are some darkling-approved fragrances from the brand, because we know you are going to love them with your whole little black heart.

When in doubt, pick up a selection, and wait to fall in love. Image via @lilbatling.


While this perfume might not have the most pleasant sounding name, it certainly smells delicious. It screams “Halloween” but it is a must-have for any season. However, this is not a gourmand scent. The earthy foundation of musk and patchouli allows the mild yet spicy sweetness of the frankincense, pumpkin, and cinnamon notes to blossom. Goblin is like wandering deep into the woods, crunching dry leaves underneath your feet, and coming upon a little tattered cottage with a freshly baked pumpkin pie sitting on the window sill and incense hanging thick in the air. Dare to take a bite? We sure would.

Image via @lilbatling.


A graveyard is a quiet and sacred place to pay your respects to the dearly departed, and now you can carry the atmospheric scent with you wherever you go. Earthy, musky, and cool; this perfume is like taking a brisk night time stroll among abandoned tombstones. The aged patchouli gives the blend a kind of smokiness that is enhanced by the dampened mossy earth notes in it. On the skin, it settles into a subtle fragrance that can be worn alone or with other perfumes of your choice. This is the perfect perfume for all of you grave-dwelling ghouls out there.

So gorgeous, a raw crystal is a natural pairing. Image via @kira.misu.


Unique is an understatement when describing this perfume. With simple notes of red licorice, clove, and sugar, it still manages to be such a complex scent. The clove and sugar notes dance in the forefront which turns the red licorice note into something more akin to absinthe. Wearing this fragrance throughout the day is like spending the evening in a heady and decadent opium den as you sip with the green fairy. Spidora is a perfume that combines sweetness with an edge, and one you will be reaching for again and again.

A scent called Witchery? That’s on the want-it list for sure. Image via @morbid_goddess.


Named after the Swedish word for “witch,” this perfume oil is a perfect love song to those who practice the craft. With harmonizing notes of benzoin, incense, and lit candles, you are transported to a long-standing occult shop tucked away in the busy streets of old Hollywood. The woody and smoky quality of black pine and burnt pumpkin give this fragrance an earthiness that ties well into the scent’s resinous foundation. Häxan is perfect at conjuring images of witchery among the shadows of flickering flames.

Gorgeous labels, gorgeous scents. Image via @aequitas66.

Grave Goods

Sweet and spicy florals laid on upturned earth and lit beeswax candles to light the way for our dearly departed. This perfume is feminine and devastatingly beautiful. The different notes of floral and greenery make it a fresh scent as opposed to powdery. The warmth of chai enhances the sweetness of the vanilla and beeswax notes. Grave Goods is the kind of fragrance you can wear to a dinner date or a wake, and if you’re a femme fatale, perhaps to both. This is a sexy, clean perfume that will even make non-floral lovers adore it.

It’s impossible to choose just one. Give in to the temptations. Image via @kira.misu.


This fragrance is a darkling dream come true. It combines unisex notes like whiskey and wood with the devilish sensuality and sweetness of dragon’s blood and maple. This perfume settles beautifully throughout the day and lingers warmly like the devil’s kiss. Hell is a wearable scent and very balanced; it’s not overpowering or sickly sweet but instead it is a wonderfully universal perfume. Satan has never been more alluring and androgynous. This perfume embodies them waiting patiently for you to expose your sins in the most deliciously debauched way.

Whisper Sisters: an amazing addition to any collection. Image via SDorrance Minch Âû.

Their perfumes are cruelty-free and vegan unless stated otherwise, which is information you can find conveniently on their website. You can also find Whisper Sisters Perfume Oil on Facebook, a community group dedicated to customers and fans of the brand. Trust us, you will not be disappointed.

Featured image via Alex Moehagen.

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