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Batty, It’s Cold Outside: Winter Gear for the Creepy

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Perhaps you live in a tropical paradise and wear nothing but shorts and crop tops all year long. Good for you. (We swear, we’re not wishing you any ill will. We’re just blind with jealous rage, that’s all.) For those of us who are currently delving headfirst into winter, however, staying warm in the great outdoors is a must. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice your darkling style to keep the chills out. We collected some of our favorite scarves, hats, and gloves together for all your demon snowman making needs.

Mystic Oracle Scarf

Photo via Stuff of the Dead.

Sporting a gorgeous occult design, this soft jersey scarf will become an instant go-to on those dark winter days. Stuff of the Dead//$21.99

Spiderweb Beanie

Photo via Velvet Volcano.

It’s hard to go wrong with spiderwebs. Even better, this roomy, handknit winter hat pairs them with a variety of accent colors. Velvet Volcano//$31.19

Ridgeback Leather Gloves

Photo via Verillas.

What’s better than having a pair of gloves that look totally badass? Having a pair of gloves that are actually badass. These beauties are handcrafted from subtle leather to get you through any zombie apocalypse you might encounter. They’re also available in both full-glove and fingerless forms, for variable amounts of awesome. Verillas//$49.95

Bats in the Night Sky Beanie

Photo via Knitted Creatures.

You might be picking up on something here at Dear Darkling: we love creepy little critters. Anyone can wear a hat with a picture of a bat on it. But our daring readers aren’t just anyone: they deserve their own adorable little bat companion. Knitted Creatures//$50

Skeleton Infinity Scarf

Photo via A Black Star.

Wrap yourself in dancing skeletons and boogie the winter away in this snuggly Halloween infinity scarf. A Black Star//$50

Party Beanie

Photo via Disturbia.

Wherever you go, let the world know you’d definitely rather be at home. Nothing against them, you just really enjoy your own company. Disturbia//$25.36

Skull Scarf

Photo via Hand and Shadow.

This screenprinted scarf is adorned with a collection of grimly grinning skulls and cut generously. It’s perfect for wrapping and styling in various ways. Or for burrowing into and not emerging again until spring. Hand and Shadow//$32.16

Evil Eye Arm Warmers

Photo via Zen and Coffee.

The eyes have it, and by it, we mean wicked style. You can wear these lovelies while you type, or layer them with gloves to keep you even warmer out in the chilly nighttime air. Zen and Coffee//$32

Don’t Touch Me Hat

Photo Via Sourpuss Clothing.

It makes sense that we’re all feeling the need for a little more personal space this winter. This hat spells it out, for those days when your earbuds and “not interested in you” face aren’t getting the job done. Add the matching scarf and really make a statement. Sourpuss Clothing//$12

Hobgoblina Hooded Scarf

Photo via Cocoleeko.

Have a lot of witchy business in the woods, but nothing to keep you warm? Look no further. Cocoleeko//$101.91

Watershed Scarf

Winter is the perfect time to find a high bluff and gaze wistfully out to sea while the cold wind brushes your cheek, whispering secrets only you can hear about death and love and time. As each one is lovingly crafted and completely unique, this 100% cotton masterpiece is the perfect scarf to wear while you do that. Or, you know, while you go on a grocery run. Sisters of the Black Moon//$90

Ouija Winter Gloves

Photo via Dementia.

Cozy, affordable, and just so cute. There’s a pink pair in an adorable pastel goth set, but it’s going fast. Dementia//$8.32

Featured Images via A Black Star, Sisters of the Black Moon, and Dementia.

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