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The Spellbinding Designs of Rohmy Couture

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you transported a Grecian goddess to the modern day, introduced her to the world of kink and shibari rope work, and then asked her to design clothing? You just might get the fantastic creations of Rohmy Couture. Handmade, beautifully draped gowns combine with intricate rope work, and just like that, our couture fantasies have come true.

Every piece is handmade by the designer, Myriam Rohmy, in Germany. Growing up with musicians for parents and an aunt who was a tailor allowed her to experience and live art in all its forms. Her passion for sewing and creating beautiful clothing eventually led her to study textile technology, custom tailoring, and fashion design, the culmination of which is Rohmy Couture. She started out making period costumes and wedding gowns, which is apparent in her design sensibility to this day.

Her designs illustrate a clear understanding and appreciation for the female form, as she uses layers of fabric to drape and fold over curves. Rope work details only further accentuate this understanding, as she applies rope tie and harness details to cinch waists, accentuate busts, and overall add to the regal sensuality of her designs.

Rohmy Couture

Pretend you’re a wealthy heiress hiding in her onyx tower, shrouding herself from the rest of the world whilst shrouding her body in this lacy, intricate black gown. “Bat” Lace Gown//$1,251.92

Rohmy Couture

Do you dream of looking like a Grecian water goddess, or perhaps a nubile nymph of the forest? With this dress, those dreams become reality. “Luna” Dress//$767.63

Rohmy Couture

Hello, lover. Knock everyone dead in this sumptuous red gown with incredible rope work and braiding across the bust and shoulders. “Coral” Handmade Gown//$1,427.63

Named after our favorite Queen of the Underworld, this dress is casual, mysterious, gorgeous, and gives off serious kink witch vibes. Magic. “Persephone” Black Dress//$603.30

If gowns aren’t your thing, never fear, Rohmy also features a complete line of knee-length dresses. This beautiful, all black number is wearable for everyday, while still maintaining the unique look only achieved with a Rohmy Couture original. Black Dress B. No 10//$768.13

rohmy couture

Another knee-length piece, this skin baring piece is intricate and sexy, and perfect for the days when you want to feel like a dark, kinky fairy. Black Dress B. No 2//$708.79

Rohmy Couture

Rohmy also offers an assortment of rope work harnesses at a lower price point than her gowns. Layer this bat beauty over a plain tee  or your favorite dress to achieve the unique Rohmy look without breaking the bank. Black Ropework Harness in “Bat”//$131.78

Myriam’s complete line is available through Etsy. She also creates custom pieces, including wedding gowns, and if the price tags on these beauties makes your wallet weep, some pieces are available for rental as well.

You can follow Rohmy Couture on Instagram and Facebook.

Featured image is the Black Ropework Harness in “Lunar”//$191.21.

All images are courtesy of Rohmy Couture.

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