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Splurge-Worthy Planters for Foliage Serial Killers and Garden Witches

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No matter how dedicated we are to “all black everything,” that doesn’t have to include your thumb. As any garden witch can tell you, there are a million reasons to give a new indoor plant a try. They can munch toxins in the air, provide a calming routine, and even do your laundry. Okay, not that last one. Whether you want to add some charming black flowers to your life or hang a happy little air plant in your room, we’ve cultivated a collection of planters to make your new vegetation feel extra special.

Red Skull Planter

Photo via Sourpuss

Eye-catching and classic, it’s hard to beat a shiny red skull. Add a gorgeous black succulent to really set this one off. Sourpuss//$19

Hanging Crystal Planter

Photo via Falcon and Finch

Crystals and plants, it’s hard to beat the combo for witchy glamour. As per the seller’s description, the inspiration “came from old musicals where a beautiful woman was dropped from the ceiling on a paper moon or hoop swing.” This piece is elegant all around. Falcon and Finch//$35

Fang Planter

Perhaps you’re in the market for something with a little bite? Handpainted and delightfully frightful, this little dish is the perfect desk companion. Far Out Trading Post//$20

Natural Bone Wall Sconce

Found bones arranged on indigo-dyed cedar, this sconce is nothing short of art. Rusty Mae Designs//$65

Cthulhu Air Plant

Photo via OmniForge

2018 is a year for the “Cthulhu devouring the earth” aesthetic if ever we’ve seen one. Put those air plant “tentacles” to good use. OmniForge//$10

Bat Planter

Photo via Pine District

Bats are here to stay and we’ve got another little night-flyer for you. Pine District//$8+

Skull Terrarium Kit

There’s something delightfully contrary about pairing a thriving plant with a lovingly-crafted momento mori. This handblown glass terrarium could serve as a poignant reminder of the cycle of life and death. Or, it could just look really cool on your windowsill. Nature Bone Studio//$70

Chain Plant Hanger

Daddies like clean air, too. Now you can indulge in the hanging plant trend, even if you can’t stand macrame. Folsom Street Plants//$35

Octopus Planter

Photo via JMN Pottery

When they say “octopus” all we hear is “tentacles.” Whether you’re a fan of real life cephalopods (and what’s not to love) or you think this will be a big hit at the next meeting of your Old Ones Fan Club, this slick, handmade planter is for you. JMN Pottery//$65

Self-Watering Skull Planter

They had us at self-watering. Though this gorgeous planter comes in a dark metallic glaze as well, we thought we’d change things up a bit and share this bright teal version with you. Cold Mountain Studio//$75

Baby Doll Heads Planter

Photo via Peabo Pots

We all need someone to watch over us. Just promise you won’t listen to anything they whisper to you at night. Peabo Pots//$30

Cobalt Spike Terrarium

Prometheus Glass Works is a magical place where lithe alien creatures of fang, spike, and tentacle come to life to haunt your dreams. This little guy is really kind of pretty with only a hint of otherworldly foreboding. Prometheus Glass Works//$70

Skull Planter with Gold Accent

Another skull planter? Look, we all know we could have written a 200 page book entitled Skulls and How to Stick Plants in Them. There are only four skulls on this list and we’re going to pat ourselves on the back for practicing a little restraint. New Year, new you and all that (don’t worry, it won’t last). The Happy Planters//$82.99

Bonus Information Because We’re Helpful Like That

Now that you’ve got a home for your plants, you’ll probably need to know how to keep them alive. has an excellent blog with articles about keeping your air plants and succulents alive. They also sell plants and donate a percentage of the proceeds to charity: water. Even if your plant isn’t long for this world, at least you’ll have that.

Featured image via Falcon and Finch.

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