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Get Spoopy with Halloween Scents by Strange Fire & Fumery

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October’s here, so let the games begin. And by “games,” we mean “snatching up all sorts of new goodies because this is when the good stuff finally gets here.” Our opening ceremonies will be scented by the amazing limited edition Super Spoopy Halloween Boxes from Strange Fire & Fumery, because sweet Jack Skellington, have you seen these?


Strange Fire & Fumery Halloween Box

Hold us closer, Sanderson sisters. Photo via Wurmwood Photography.

Vintage style illustrations cover boxes crammed full of candy, toys, tattoos, and OF COURSE the amazing scents the brand is known for (this time in candle form), SF&F’s Halloween sets are on sale for a very limited time– just October 1st through the 15th. Each comes with four votive candles in your choice of scent. We’ll let the descriptions and the magnificent photos shot by Wurmwood Photography speak for themselves, because damn, we couldn’t say it any better.

Marshmallow Pumpkin Brulee


Strange Fire & Fumery Halloween Box

What have we done to deserve this? *weeps* Photo via Wurmwood Photography.

“Everything dies in Autumn, including the pretense of self discipline. Ease yourself into a season of overindulgence with this marshmallow pumpkin brulee candle. It’s just like eating your feelings through your nose.”

Apple Barrel Cider ft. Kentucky Bourbon

Strange Fire and Fumery Halloween Box

Make ours a double, neat. Photo via Wurmwood Photography.

“If you want to reminisce about how good things used to be, curl up with a whiff of my apple barrel cider ft. Kentucky bourbon. Things were good once, weren’t they? Just a nip before the existential dread sets in.”

Candy Corn

Strange Fire and Fumery Halloween Box

Come to us, sweet tri-color oblivion. Photo via Wurmwood Photography.

“Candy corn. It’s just honey-flavored wax candy. Why’s everyone such a dick about it? I don’t know, but I do know that this candle smells exactly like it. I like it. Fuck you.”

Maw Maw’s Caramel Apple Sadness

Mmmmffffff. Photo via Wurmwood Photography.

“Ah, the dizzying aroma of rich, homemade caramel drizzled over the turgid green flesh of a bittersweet Granny Smith. Boy do they suck to eat, impossible to bite into, just getting sticky hard delicious goo all over your teeth and then you barely even get a tiny bite of actual apple. Why do we keep doing this? BUT, they smell amazing, and so do these candles that are everything good about caramel apples without any of the disappointing bullshit.”

Need to get you some of that? Wipe the drool off your chin and hurry over to Strange Fire & Fumery to order yours. Preorders are open through October 15th, with boxes shipping out soon after so you’ll have your goodies by Halloween. Remember: eat the candy, not the candles.

All (drop dead gorgeous) photos, including featured image, via Wurmwood Photography.

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