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Stitch ‘n Witch: Spooky Cross-Stitch Patterns

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There’s nothing like relaxing with a nice cup of tea and a bit of good old fashioned hand sewing. Cross-stitch may once have been considered old school, but in recent years it’s come back in a big way with the younger crowd. Here are a bunch of patterns to try that aren’t quite your grandma’s sewing sampler:

Black Goat Cross-Stitch Pattern PDF

Image via Pyro Dog Pins

You can never have too many magnificent black goats staring at you. Add a little drama to your living room with this big guy. Pyro Dog Pins//$5.34

Planchette Digital Pattern

Of COURSE there’s a Ouija planchette pattern. Get ready to stitch your own Mystifying Oracle, complete with a sun, moon, and stars. Lupine Lane Design//$4.35

Salem Witch House Primitive Pattern

Even if you haven’t yet made the pilgrimage to one of the witchiest houses in America, you can channel the spooky, old world vibes via this gorgeous cross stitch pattern. Blackwood and Briar//$15

Long Eared Bat

This very detailed little fellow offers a fuzzy challenge for the experienced cross-stitcher. Plus he’ll look darn cute in your powder room. Robyn’s Nest Boutique//$5.93

Classic Movie Monsters

The gang’s all here! This pattern features all our favorite vintage black and white ghouls…in color! weelittlestitches//$7

Give Yourself Over to Absolute Pleasure

Image via StitchyVibes

In just seven days…you can make yourself this sweet little sampler. And this download will help you plan it, Janet. StitchyVibes//$4

Enter Freely Cross Stitch Pattern

Image via GothicLitStitch

Need to reassure Victorian solicitors that they have nothing to worry about once they cross the threshold of your crumbling Carpathian abode? This pattern will do the trick, no questions asked. GothicLitStitch//$11

Black Phillip Cross-Stitch Pattern

Image via Sweet Adeline

…does he even have to ask at this point? Sweet Adeline//$3.95

Halloween Cat Pattern

Fall is fast approaching, and this cross-stitch pattern features a scene that is quite seasonally appropriate. This skeleton cat is a great way to ring in October. Unconventional X Stitch//$16

DIY Krampus

Image via Bombastitch

This pattern offers a gentle reminder that Krampus is always watching. The finished product would be just darling in a nursery. Bombastitch//$2

Oh Poe You Didn’t Modern Cross-Stitch Pattern

Image via Pyro Dog Pins

We could go with the pun “Threadger Allen Poe” but that might be too cruel. Pyro Dog Pins//$5.34

Primitive Ouija Board Pattern

Benefits to this pattern? Not only is it seeped in antique charm, like it’s a paper-thin relic you found in a strange, dusty attic, but it also makes for a very portable ghost telephone. Who doesn’t need one of those? Nobody, that’s who. Stitch it up, fold it up, and pop it in your pocket for seances on the go. Blackwood and Briar//$15

What We Do In The Shadows

Image via heirloomxfactory

This is the perfect way to rebel against that accursed chore wheel your fussy dandy roommate keeps going on about in your flat meetings. heirloomxfactory//$2.50

Major Arcana Tarot Cards Set

Image via Whoopicat

Is it an endurance challenge you seek? Strap in, because we’ve found the ultimate project for the most ambitious of cross-stitchers. This listing includes patterns for all 22 major arcana tarot cards. Game on. Whoopicat//$45

Feature images, from L to R: heirloomxfactory, Pyro Dog Pins, and Pyro Dog Pins

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