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Forget the tired old stereotype that goths don’t go outside. The final,  scorching days of summer are here, and that means most of us are seeking out any cool body of water we can put our bodies in. Whether you’re heading to closest ocean, lake, stream, or pool, it’s never too late to break out a new all-black everything look to wear when you’re getting wet. These ten brands will ensure you stay summer goth cool while staying cool. PS. With a little creative styling, you could totally work most of these styles into your fall wardrobe.

Rapture and Repent

summer goth
Charon Bikini Top//$45 Charon Bikini Bottom//$40 Styx Bikini Top//$45 Acheron Bikini Bottom//$37
We’ve been obsessed with Rapture and Repent‘s bondage-inspired lingerie since the moment we laid eyes on it. So when they released a line of swimwear complete with the harness, o-ring, and garter details we know and love, our kink witchy hearts were aflutter. All the pieces are mix-and-matchable, so you don’t have to feel bad about buying all of them. Just be sure to keep up on your SPF to avoid any bizarre tanlines.

Bows by Samantha Rose

summer goth
1960s Horror Mask Swimsuit//$65 Spooky Babe Swimsuit//$65 Double Double Toil and Trouble Swimsuit//$60
Right at the intersection of retro kitsch and spooky goodness exists Bows by Samantha Rose. While she creates so much more than swimwear, we’re particularly enamored by her mastery of the high-waist vintage silhouette, available in a variety of prints, from spider webs to Halloween masks. Bonus: we happen to think these tops look killer with a pencil skirt and leather jacket for fall.

Agashi by Christina O

summer goth
Summer Swimsuit//$75
Agashi’s mesh cover-ups and mini dresses just scream summer goth, so it only made sense when Christina branched out into swimwear, even if only with one simple design. This classic silhouette works just as well on the beach as it does at the bar, with a curve-hugging, high-cut hip and side-boob-flaunting open sides.

Moldie Goldie

summer goth
Hardtail Lace Bottoms//$120 Micro Bikiniz//$86.66 Black Spell One Piece//$145
Moldie Goldie may be a little less classically darkling, and a little more badass biker babe, but we’re super into their itsy-bitsy bikinis, lace-up details, and mesh cut outs; perfect for showing off killer curves and the tattoos that rarely see sunlight. Strap one of these babies on, climb on the back of your motorcycle, and ride off into the moonlight.


summer goth
Monokini Swim Bottoms//$35
Another staple brand amongst weirdos and witches, Deandri is known for their simple collared designs, pleated skirts, sky high platforms, and intricate vegan leather harnesses. Their first swimsuit is simple and mod, but undeniably on-brand. The best part? It will pair perfectly with the innumerable black bikini tops you inevitably already own.

Alyen Wear

summer goth
Bonded Swimsuit//$44
Sometimes less is more, and the simple, yet sexy designs of Alyen swimwear is exactly the minimalism we love and expect from the brand. Their draped dresses and flowy mesh tops double as great cover-ups too.

Mariel Rojo

summer goth
Tie Me Up Top//$55 Tie Me Up Bottom//$45 Bra Top//$45
Swimwear designer Mariel Rojo knows the way to our summer goth hearts, and its with corset details, mesh, and nothing but black.

Kvlt Apparel

summer goth
Pentagram High Waist Bottom//$36 Heartshaped Pentagram Sunnies//$30
It probably doesn’t get more summer goth than Kvlt Apparel. Pentagrams, goat heads, cats, and Black Sabbath decorate string bikinis and high-waist bottoms. Stay (a little) covered up with their mega-cropped tees and mesh tops and shield your perfectly lined eyes with their oversized sunnies.

Kayleigh Peddie

summer goth
Evan Swim Top//$88 Bobby Swim Bottom//$68 Frances Swimsuit//$176 Polly Swim Top//$52 Bobby Swim Bottom//$68 Sandra Swim Top//$138 Estelle Swim Bottom//$72
Kayleigh Peddie’s swimwear very closely resembles her lingerie, and that’s precisely why we like it. Neon zebra and high cut bottoms lend to her 80s punk appeal, while o-rings, harnesses, and plunging necklines are classically kink witch.

Now that your summer goth look is in order, grab a six pack of ice cold beer, a few thematically-appropriate flotation devices, and get your body in some water.

summer goth
Sunbathing for Satan Coozie//$2.50
Featured image courtesy of Blackcraft Cult. Coffin Pool Float//$70

Haleigh Schiafo

Haleigh Schiafo

Haleigh is a lover of all things dark and magical. She works in fashion, and is the co-founder of Babe Coven. Follow her on IG to keep up with her latest darkling musings and desires, her all black everything wardrobe, and no shortage of cat photos.

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